DTE chip tuning with app: tuning control via smartphone

The new PowerControl app is the perfect add-on for the vehicle cockpit

The chip tuning box PowerControl X and PowerControl RX are the latest engine tuning by the additional box from DTE Systems. The special feature: All tuning modules of the X-series can be operated from the cockpit via smartphone. In addition, the PowerControl app provides live information about the current engine performance with the sports instrumentation panels.

PowerControl app: DTE tuning via smartphone

DTE tuning: More performance with PowerControl XDTE tuning: More performance with PowerControl X
NEW! PowerControl app from DTE SystemsNEW! PowerControl app from DTE Systems

The DTE tuning can be switched on or off from the cockpit via the PowerControl app. The various programs can be changed with a simple wiping over the phone. The driver has the choice between the programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency. This is how each driver chooses his own driving profile. With the touch of a button, the driver selects his personal tuning set and can change it at any time via smartphone.

Easy control, real time monitoring and ful control: All functions of the PowerControl app at a glance

Performance instruments: experience DTE tuning at first hand

A special highlight of the PowerControl app are the performance instruments, which display all relevant engine performance data live on the smartphone display. This informs the driver about the current engine performance in his car and thereby maintains complete control of the DTE tuning while driving. The complete package of the PowerControl app also includes an innovative accelerometer that measures the time the g-forces acting on the vehicle in real.

PowerControl app: ful control from the cockpitPowerControl app: full control from the cockpit
New: sport instruments for the driverNew: sports instruments for the driver

With the integrated and configurable warm-up timer, the DTE engine tuning starts after the expiry of the specified time and thus at the appropriate engine operating temperature. And the driver determines himself after which warm-up time of the engine the DTE tuning starts.

PowerControl app: All highlights at a glance

  • Direct connection with the DTE tuning box via smartphone app
  • Various driving programs via smartphone app
  • Sports instruments display all relevant engine data
  • Innovative accelerometer
  • Warm-up timer sets the engine warm-up time

The DTE tuning is now available on www.chiptuning.com as well as in specialist shops. The PowerControl app is available free of charge from the app stores iTunes and Google Play.