DTE Injector-Tuning

An advantage you can calculate on!

With the additional control unit PowerControl PDI and PDX the fuel injection settings are directly optimized. Beyond the classic sensor tuning, DTE has developed the DTE injector tuning technology for specific applications, especially in the field of trucks and tractors: By directly connecting to the injectors, the injection cycle is being adjusted in real-time. Thus, PowerControl can achieve a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15% depending on the vehicle, mileage and vehicle activity. For trucks and tractors, the auxiliary control unit is configured specifically for the respective transportation task. So that all series tolerances can be taken into account

To ensure this perfect operation, PowerControl undergoes an accurate test method: In several load scenarios and different temperature ranges as well as high altitudes, the auxiliary control units are all perfectly matched on the dynamometer.

DTE Injector-Tuning with PowerControl PDI and PDX

 Optimization of the injection cycles ✓
› More torque for load-intensive tasks ✓
› Less fuel, greater distances efficiency ✓
› Matched to the vehicle and transport profile ✓
› The vehicle reaches target speed sooner ✓
› Fewer switching operations, thus less interruption of traction ✓

How does PowerControl work?

To optimize performance, PowerControl is connected directly to the injectors. Through the injectors, the fuel is injected into the individual cylinders. Immediately after the main injection pulse DTE sets an additional injection sequence with the additional control unit.

PowerControl works extremely precise: Through the sensor, the auxiliary control unit measures the speed change in the working strokes of the individual cylinders. With the collected data and a vehicle-specific characteristic diagram PowerControl adjusts the injection in real time.

Result: power and torque are optimized and load-intensive driving intervals shortened. PowerControl can enable fuel savings, reduce CO2 emission levels and increase the range efficiency

Mehr Leistung für ihren LKWBetter power efficiency for Scania
Mehr Leistung für ihren LKW Optimized performance and consumption
Mehr Leistung für ihren LKWFine-tuning on the dynamometer

Convince yourself!

With PowerControl, both, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, can be reduced effectively and after a short payback period significant savings can be achieved.

PowerControl: Your best alternative for a more powerful engine

Benefit from a DTE injector tuning for your vehicle
and gain an overview of our tuning options.

  • Perfectly matched performance optimization for better fuel consumption
  • Maximum reliability and security with the latest DTE technology
  • Easy to install with detailed instructions

DTE Injector-Tuning for passenger car engines

More torque for vehicles with modern diesel-technology

Modern diesel engines are booming thanks to favorable consumption, longevity, and strong performance. And in addition, new developments increase engine efficiency. And with the latest generation of DTE performance increase, the desire for more driving fun and high dynamics can be combined with this efficiency.

DTE Injektor-TuningFine-tuning on the dynamometer
DTE Injektor-TuningInnovative Injector-Tuning
DTE Injektor-TuningBest performance yield with DTE

With the latest generation injector tuning moving vigorously forward: More power and a significant increase in torque. To achieve this, the fuel has to be injected under pressure at the right time in the right quantity. All that happens individually and quickly for each cylinder via solenoid valves of the injectors. This is the time when DTE injector tuning comes into play.

n the foreground, engine longevity and operational reliability of the vehicle. With the latest DTE tuning technologies of additional control units, all protection functions of dieseI engines and the legally prescribed emission values are retained and unaffected. For best results possible, series tolerances are compensated.

DTE Injector-Tuning with PowerControl
  • Perfectly matched performance optimization
  • Maximum reliability and security with the latest DTE Technology
  • 2 year warranty on the engine, engine management and transmission
  • Part certificate for more than 3.300 vehicles available
  • Simple installation with detailed instructions
  • 30 day money-back guarantee from date of purchase