VW GOLF VII (5G1, BQ1, BE1, BE2) 1.4 TSI 122 HP

from 11/2012




Your entry into the world of professional engine tuning. More performance for your car. Safe and smart. More performance for your car. Safe and smart.new

+ 22 22 19 HP
More Power
+ 30 30 26 NM
More Torque
up to 8 10 15 %
Less Fuel
Proven performance figures based on EWG 80/1269 - More info
  Dual-map technology with latest 2-channel tuning Latest multi-map
technology 4.0
Latest multi-map
technology 4.0
  App control
with warm-up timer
  Sport instrumentation panel   Reprogramming on vehicle change (99 €) 1 x Reprogramming on vehicle change 2 x Reprogramming on vehicle change
BoostrPro PowerControl PowerControl X    
Choose your product
BoostrPro €299.00
PowerControl €489.00
PowerControl X €599.00
  Selectable performance profiles with digital keypad selectable programs with 7 power levels each selectable programs with 7 power levels each   Efficiency program for even more savings in fuel consumption       Proven extra power with certified measuring methods Parts approval for proven and certified extra power included Parts approval for proven and certified extra power included   Year product warranty Years product warranty Years product warranty
Incl. 16% Tax
Save €50.00 when you purchase as a set with PowerControl X
Functionality and Description
BoostrPro - Perfectly balanced extra power & torque

BoostrPro offers a professional 2-channel plug-and-play engine tuning system for a balanced improvement of power and torque. more...

Best performance values and results

To gain more power and torque, DTE uses the latest technology which is perfectly suited to your vehicle. The result is an impressive improvement in performance that will thrill you. more...

Best performance values and results

To gain more power and torque, DTE uses the latest technology which is perfectly suited to your vehicle. The result is an impressive improvement in performance that will thrill you. more...

Quality: Made in Germany

All our products are manufactured in Germany, using the OEM quality materials, and according to the highest quality standards. This ensures excellent reliability and superior product longevity. more...

Simple installation, great result

All DTE's products come complete with easy to follow, step by step pictorial fitting instructions, which makes installation really quick and hassle free. more...

More power, less consumption

With improved power and efficiency throughout the rev range, fuel consumption decreases by up to 15%. more...

Technical Details
BoostrPro PowerControl / PowerControl X
More Performance
  Series Optimized by BoostrPro Series Optimized by PowerControl X
Performance* 122 PS + 19 PS 122 PS + 22 PS
  90 kW + 14 kW 90 kW + 16 kW
Torque* 200 NM + 26 NM 200 NM + 30 NM
Consumption up to -8% up to -10% up to -15%
  tested and approved on gauged MAHA dyno, based on standardised and independent test procedures tested and approved on gauged MAHA dyno, Extra power and security certified in independent part approval
System Auxiliary power control unit with real-time sensor tuning
newImproved technology of the latest chip generation with 5x more precise signal processing
Channels 2 channels newup to 9 channels
Programs 2 programs
Sport Dynamic
3 programs
Sport Dynamic Efficiency
7 Performance characteristics 2 x 7 Performance levels 3 x 7 Performance levels
Control Keypad control Keypad control Keypad control
newApp control
Functions and features
Features newSports instrumentation panel
newWarm-up-timer (configurable)
newMemory function newMemory function
newDual-map technology newMulti map technology 4.0
newMulti protocol technology Analogue/SENT
Adaptive Sensor System Adaptive Sensor System
Engine Protect+
Warranty 1 years product warranty 2 years product warranty
Additional service Customization of tuning possible upon request
newUpgradeable, ready for future use
Re-programming e.g. changing vehicles (99 €) new1 x re-programming e.g. changing vehicles new2 x re-programming e.g. changing vehicles
newInterchangeable between engine technologies gasoline / diesel / hybrid analogue and SENT possible
Optional Services Installation service at desired address
TÜV registration at DTE on-site
Dynometer performance measurement on MAHA MSR 500
Customized tuning profile Customized tuning profile
Hardware and Software
Hardware BoostrPro system PowerControl system PowerControl X system
Digital Signal Controller / MCU Digital Signal Controller / MCU
High-precision microcontroller newHigh-precision microcontroller with 48 MIPS (million instructions per second) newHigh-precision microcontroller with 60 MIPS (million instructions per second)
newSmartphone Connect Interface
compatible from Android 7.0 and from iOS 10
Specially developed for automotive applications
-40°C up to +125°C/ -40°F up to 257°F
Integrated Active Power Management, optional power supply
Wiring loom Made by DTE with original safety plugs
Software Original DTE BoostrPro software Original DTE PowerControl software
Vehicle-specific tuning profile developed and fine-tuned by DTE
Safety and Certifications
Safety Features High-strength and heat-proof, fibre-glass reinforced housing with composite sealing against humidity and splash water according to IP67
Power & Current Limitation to protect connected engine components
Certifications Developed and manufactured according to management system for national and international road traffic laws, certified by TÜV Austria
Tuned based on standardised DTE test and measuring methods Part approval for proven performance and safety
Developed and manufactured by DTE in Germany
Contents and Dimensions
Contents BoostrPro module PowerControl module PowerControl X module
Engine-specific wiring loom Engine-specific wiring loom
Installation manual with engine-specific photos
Part approval
By-pass safety plug By-pass safety plug
Dimensions and Weight 11.5 x 8.5 x 4 cm / 4.5 x 3.3 x 1.6 inch 13 x 13 x 4 cm / 5 x 5 x 1.6 inch
142.6 g / 0.3 lbs module weight 660 g / 1.5 lbs module weight
Item Number A066.913 A071.514 A056.962

* vehicle-specific deviations due to factory-provided tolerances and vehicle age upwards and downwards possible

Why does the PowerControl have keypad program selection buttons?
Is the tuning system detectable?
Do I have to register my performance increase with the TÜV, the Dekra etc? (Europe only)
Where is the performance system connected?
Do the performance tuning box need a separate power supply?
Is it possible to increase performance and also save on my fuel bill?
How long does the installation of the PowerControl take?
Do I need to have a permanent smartphone connection for the full functionality of a tuning box with app?
Can I transfer my PowerControl to my new vehicle?
Do I need to report my insurance?
What about my vehicle warranty?
Can I still wash my engine?
What is EngineProtect +?
Do the engines emission values remain unaffected?
Does the ECU’s protection functions remain intact?
My vehicle already has high mileage. Will I still benefit from an increase in performance?
Do you offer chip tuning for motorcycles?
Does the increase in performance have an impact on the vehicle’s tax?
My car has an automatic gearbox, will my vehicles performance still increase?
Is it possible for my car to smoke excessively?
Can DTE’s PowerControl be turned ON/OFF?
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Very good communication with the customer. All inquiries will be answered quickly with a solution. That's service!
Good support for self-installation, system functions, better performance with low fuel consumption.
This is already my second tuning chip. At the 1st driven over 150,000 km, all the best. Significantly more acceleration, consumption minimally reduced. Agreed installation date, staff very friendly, then test drive, all built great, paid and ready. Always again.
I was at the company and the installation was without problems. A test drive then showed the subjective performance boost. After a year with the box my fuel consumption has not increased (fuelbook logging). So all is well!
Product is top! It delivers what it promises!
Was very satisfied with the fast delivery, and I also was very well advised by a technician over the phone and could therefore install my components without problems in my vehicle.
My car is now great. I'm very satisfied with the tuning. The installation was easy. The delivery was the next day with me. I had a technical issue that could be resolved over the phone. I'm very satisfied with the product and the support
I now know my car barely. I never thought that it works so well. Will naturally recommend it.
I use DTE Systems products already over 7 years. Always have always received exhaustive information, regardless of which contact I have chosen, phone or mail. The products PedalBox and Chiptuning in my opinion are the best you can get on the market, the products have never let me down and do what they promise.
Expert advice, fast shipping and the quality of products (chip and pedalbox) I can judge well as a former car mechanic. I use both and the difference in acceleration dynamics and performance improvement is tremendous. The chiptuning and the pedal box harmonize together perfectly. I'll also need 1 - 1,5l less diesel. My vehicle has almost a motorsport feeling and I can not imagine driving without them. Great company!
I deliberately chose a tuning box of DTE Systems, because the increase in performance remains in a realistic magnitude and a certificate of conformity was included. The installation was relatively easy. Just as the acceptance by the TÜV. Was actually quite happy with my performance. However I lacked in some situations more pressure out from below. After installation of the box, the torque increase already in the lower speed range is appreciable. The fuel savings are in my case about 0.5l per 100km. The default setting of the box has not been altered by me. After 2000 km so far there were no problems. The shipment of DTE Systems is very fast. The service is very good, although I hardly had to use it.

All Features and Information

Adaptive Sensor System. Intelligent performance increase on driver's command.
Auto Adjust function. Adjusts automatically to driving behavior.
Engine Protect+. Added safety and protection for your car.
Ready for delivery in 24 hours
Free Delivery
within the EU
30 days money back guarantee
Quality made in Germany
Total Price
Incl. 16% Tax