Ford F-150: DTE tuning makes the difference

The DTE chip tuning for the Ford F-150 leads to an impressive new torque

The big US pickups also have a committed fan base in Europe. In the US, the Ford F-150 is been the best-selling vehicle for over 30 years and its dominance looks set to continue. The F's 13th generation has a 3.5-litre V6 that generates 381 hp and 472 lb ft. With the PowerControl X performance box and PedalBox+ accelerator tuning, DTE optimizes both: horsepower and throttle response.

Ford F-150 at DTE SystemsFord F-150 at DTE Systems
Tuning for the F-150 EcoboostTuning for the F-150 Ecoboost

Ford truck tuning: "We can do better!"

The F-150 weighs in at just 2.2 tonnes unladen and doesn't pay much attention driving from A to B. "We can do better," says head of development Detlef Strube and installs the chip tuning box in a few steps in the engine compartment. The turbo gets straight to the point using the DTE's Ford tuning: +54 hp more power and +60 lb ft more torque make the difference on the street. "After its installation, the increased torque is immediately noticeable, perfect for confident overtaking and optimized terrain suitability," explains Strube.

Ford F-150 with DTE chip tuningFord F-150 with DTE chip tuning
Tuning for the F-150 via AppTuning for the F-150 via App

Ford F-150: Better acceleration at the touch of a button

The PedalBox is connected to the accelerator electronics to fine-tune the throttle response. The driver can choose between four pre-set programs: City, Sport, Sport Plus and Stock mode. With just a push of the button the Ford F-150 turns from a heavy bolide into a speedy truck. The accelerator pedal tuning is also available with smartphone control. Using the PedalBox app the throttle tuning can be easily switched on or off via the smartphone. Thus, the PedalBox+ always starts with the selected driving program and individual preferences.

Ford pedal tuning with PedalBoxFord throttle tuning with PedalBox
PedalBox app for the smartphonePedalBox app for the smartphone

Ford F-150 with a powerful pulling

The chip tuning box PowerControl X and the accelerator pedal tuning PedalBox+ are supplied by DTE Systems as a complete set with suitable OEM connectors, fixing material and installation manuals with engine-specific pictures. The installation of both tuning systems can be done quickly and easily. And it is just as simple to remove the tuning systems without any trace.

Engine and pedal tuning for the Ford F-150

  Performance +54 hp
  Torque +60 lb ft

All details in an overview
  • PowerControl and PedalBox with multiple programs and performance levels
  • Tuning with remote control via smartphone app
  • Easy to install due to plug-in connectors
  • 30 day money-back guarantee