Jaguar F-Type V8 at DTE Systems

Chip tuning for the powerful Briton

In order to give the V8 petrol engine in the Jaguar F-Type a more powerful performance, the Briton gets a PowerControl tuning box from DTE Systems. With the chip tuning from DTE the F-Type increases its power by +61 hp and torque by +68 Nm. The result is impressive.

The Jaguar F-Type is available in eleven different versions - from the coupe to the convertible. In addition to the Porsche 911, no other vehicle is as sporty as the F-Type. The standard Jaguar F-Type V8 has 495 hp and 625 Nm torque – what is ok at the beginning. With PowerControl the sports car reaches a higher level of performance. The motor tuning achieves a maximum performance of 546 hp (+61 hp) and 693 Nm torque (+68 Nm).

Jaguar F-Type: Mehr PS und mehr NMJaguar F-Type: More power and more torque
Mehrleistung für den F-Type More power for the F-Type

PowerControl: Tuning for the Jaguar F-Type

Sportiness is the heart of the Jaguar brand. Sporty driving is a top priority at DTE, as well. And with PowerControl, the sleek two-seater is immersed in a new world of driving. The tuning is connected to the central sensors of the engine management, including boost pressure, camshaft and intake manifold pressure. The incoming signals are recorded, optimized and passed on to the control unit in the Jaguar. Because of the easy installation, the F-type can quickly go back on the road. Now the English sports car can exploit its full potential - and it does!

PowerControl: This is Chip tuning for the Jaguar F-TypePowerControl: This is chip tuning for the Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar Gas Pedal-Tuning with the PedalBoxJaguar gas pedal-tuning with the PedalBox

Jaguar F-Type: First impressions with Tuning

Driving the cat to its limit, the Jag provides an imporved acceleration of -0.4 seconds, which is immediately noticeable. The chip tuning box PowerControl allows the driver to feel the improved performance even at the start-up. From the very beginning, the English racer unfolds an unbeatable draft with the DTE motor tuning. Regardless of whether it is a track or a curve, the V8 gasoline engine delivers a fast and safe driving in any situation.

The DTE PedalBox provides an improved acceleration of + 10% in the F-Type. After connecting the accelerator sensors, the driver can choose between three different and fully customizable programs: Sport, Sport Plus and City. Each program can be varied with the plus and minus buttons. So the driver has complete control over the acceleration of the F-Type. Now the Jaguar is equipped for every driving situation and can call its full potential at any time.

The sporty gasoline engine attracts more attention on the street with a chip tuning of DTE. With PowerControl the Jaguar F-Type V8 reaches top performances in completely new hp-dimensions and reduces the acceleration time of its standard version.

Chip tuning for Jaguar F-Type

  More Performance: +61 hp
  More Torque: +68 Nm