Accelerator pedal tuning: The PedalBox for the Ford Mustang VI

Improved acceleration in the sporty coupé

Ford is revolutionizing the sports car series with the new Mustang VI 5.0. Since 2015, the model has been available on the market in Germany as a coupe and convertible, as well. The 421 hp V8 engine offers a maximum torque of 530 Newtonmeters. To take full advantage of acceleration, DTE equips the Ford with a PedalBox: The accelerator pedal tuning provides an improved drive forward and allows the driver to reach a new level of driving pleasure.

Confgure your Ford Mustang gas pedal tuning now:

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Quickly installed and easy to operate

The PedalBox is installed in the Ford Mustang VI with just a few hand movements. Two plugs are connected to the electronic accelerator pedal. After a few minutes, the Mustang is all set. With the three programs "Sport", "Sport-Plus" and "City", the accelerator pedal tuning is immediately ready for use. Using the "Plus" and "Minus" buttons, the programs can be varied at any time. Three-color LEDs display the respective program and power level. A total of more than 20 different programs are available quickly and easily by a button press.

PedalBox: Driving pleasure on every road

We start with the "City Mode" getting out on the road. This is ideal for city traffic and makes the Mustang VI looking awesome with its manual six-speed gearbox. Already at the start-up, the coupé surprises as you know it for an extra class athlete. On the highway we change into the "Sport" or "Sport Plus" mode. The Ford Mustang VI shows its potential without any problems. Because of the additional acceleration of the PedalBox we can feel the improved throttle response even on long distances. The Mustang reaches a new dimension of acceleration with the PedalBox from DTE.

Ford Mustang at DTE Systems in RecklinghausenFord Mustang at DTE Systems in Recklinghausen
PedalBox with app for Ford-MustangPedalBox with app for Ford-Mustang

Accelerator pedal tuning for Ford Mustang

  up to 10 % more acceleration
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