Overview of our warranty services

Chiptuning is a matter of trust

To gain your trust, there are three principles important to us determining the philosophy of DTE Systems since its foundation in 1996:

  • Our services and products are always at the top level in quality, function and technology.
  • Our customers are completely satisfied with the tuning, that they have received from us.
  • Our products and services are absolutely safe in use and function.

To support these principles, we will give you a full guarantee on satisfaction, tuning electronics and even your engine.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed means: Try our quality tuning and look forward to a completely new driving experience. Test our PowerControl chiptuning extensively and then evaluate the effects on consumption and handling - you will not want to give it back!

Comprehensive warranty on chiptuning products

You will receive a top-quality product, this much is clear. Nevertheless, should the product have a malfunction, we replaced it uncompromisingly and free for you - according to legal warranty regulations - up to 2 years after purchase!

Long-term Support Services

You will also receive a five-year software update service, so that it is ensured that your tuning system is always up to date.

The worst-case scenario, exact rules, more information

With our guarantee commitments, there is no snag – promised! Our guarantees follow clear and fair rules. Decisive for the assessment of the occurrence, the effectiveness and acceptance of a warranty claim are our special Guarantee, Return and Cancellation Policy. If you have any questions, no problem, please contact us anytime. We are very happy to help.

Our motto is: Only when you are happy, we, too, are satisfied.