Mercedes A35 AMG outplays the competition with tuning by DTE Systems

More power and a better acceleration for the entry-level AMG

The tuning box PowerControl RX generates more horsepower and a higher torque under the bonnet of the entry-level AMG: With 338 hp (+32 hp) more power and 465 Nm (+65 Nm) higher torque, the DTE tuning also shortens the lead on the upcoming Mercedes A45 AMG – not at least because of the PedalBox accelerator tuning.

Configure your Mercedes-AMG A35 chip tuning now:

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AMG-Tuning: PowerControl RX for even more A-power

For improving the AMG’s performance, the chip tuning box is accurately connected to all central sensors of the A35 engine compartment, including boost pressure, intake pressure and camshaft sensor. The incoming signals are processed, optimized and dynamically forwarded to the Mercedes ECU in real time. Immediately after the installation, the DTE performance box unfolds to an unbeatable force. Behind the steering wheel, the AMG driver experiences directly the optimized performance and this is kept under full control thanks to the DTE smartphone app.

PowerControl app: A35 tuning control via smartphone

The tuning can be easily controlled via the smartphone’s app by DTE Systems. AMG drivers can choose an individual DTE's tuning set-up for urban traffic, country lane or highway. The new performance instruments are the app’s highlights: All engine data is displayed in real-time at the smartphone’s screen while the innovative accelerometer shows the g-forces that are applied to the vehicle.

Tuning für den Mercedes-AMG A35 (W177)AMG-tuning with best results
Tuning für den Mercedes-AMG A35 (W177)A35 AMG with App and PedalBox

PedalBox Pro: Pure driving pleasure for the sporty hot-hatch

In just 4.7 seconds, the Mercedes A35 reaches 100 km/h. The pedal tuning by DTE Systems improves the accelerator by up to +10% compared to stock performance. That is perfect for a successful start at traffic lights and enough poke to perform safe overtaking maneuvers out on the road. The PedalBox features also various tuning programs: City, Sport and Sport Plus. The PedalBox is plugged with only two connectors to the Mercedes accelerator pedal electronics and is also immediately ready for use. The DTE pedal tuning allows an unforgettable AMG driving experience.

Chip tuning for Mercedes-AMG A35 (W177)

  Performance 338 hp (+33 hp)
  Torque 465 Nm (+65 Nm)
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