New in the X-Generation: PowerControl DX

DTE Systems X-Generation is expanded by a worldwide new chip tuning

As a premium manufacturer for chip tuning, DTE Systems has already set technological standards in the past. With PowerControl DX, an unprecedented chip tuning comes onto the market. DTE's most flexible system to date is used in commercial vehicles such as tractors and trucks. Here, the chip tuning increases productivity and performance while reducing fuel consumption. This is made possible by the adapted multi-characteristic field technology, which for the first time tunes up to eight injectors and an additional 4 sensors in real-time, including injection time, rail pressure and boost pressure. "Our latest member of chip generation X achieves up to 15x more precise tuning," explains Dr. Michael Krecek, Managing Director of DTE Systems. "The special feature of PowerControl DX is that the system continuously and individually creates real load profiles," adds Krecek.

New: PowerControl DX. Chip tuning for commercial vehiclesNew: PowerControl DX. Performance enhancement for commercial vehicles

Configure your PowerControl DX for your vehicle:

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PowerControl DX as tuning for high-performance engines

Performance-enhancing auxiliary control units are the core business of the tuning manufacturer from Recklinghausen, which sets itself the highest quality standards with its own control unit development, module and cable production and its own vehicle tuning. With the well-known quality products PowerControl X and RX, DTE covers tuning for passenger cars. For commercial vehicles such as tractors and trucks, the solution up to now has been PowerControl PDI. In order to counteract reduced engine performance and limited tractive power in commercial vehicles more effectively, the chief developers and engineers at DTE have developed a brand-new performance enhancement PowerControl DX. With up to 15x more precise performance and state-of-the-art technology, commercial vehicles will be more economically effective and more powerful in the future. "The performance enhancement not only covers additional power for higher productivity, PowerControl DX simultaneously reduces fuel consumption by up to 12%," explains company director Michael Krecek, "This means that resources such as fuel and time can be saved and used more effectively. Especially in agriculture and transport, this gives a clear competitive advantage."

Remote control, real load patterns, control: The new features of PowerControl

Unlike the predecessor module PDI, PowerControl DX has a worldwide brand-new feature: Through continuous engine logging and analysis, PowerControl DX is able to create real load profiles individually for each vehicle. For this purpose, load and engine conditions are monitored and, depending on the driving and load situation, the engine power and injection are permanently adjusted. In this way, the new chip tuning ensures continuous and individual tuning in real time. In addition to detailed data analysis, PowerControl DX supports a Bluetooth connection over long distances for the first time. For this purpose, an external Bluetooth connection bridges the sometimes long distances between the engine compartment and the cockpit, as is the case with very large agricultural machines, for example. The Bluetooth connection allows the driver to adjust individual settings in real-time. Adjustment to terrain and terrain, switching off and on for road traffic, as well as the desired additional power depending on the load can thus be controlled very simply.

PowerControl DX: Mobile dynamometer for load measurementPowerControl DX: Mobile dynamometer for load measurement
New: Live data logging & remote controlNew: Live data logging & remote control

The guarantee packages for more performance

The DTE PowerControl DX performance enhancements come with a comprehensive service and safety package. For the new X-series performance enhancement, drivers receive an extensive product warranty and can also obtain insurance, which offers comprehensive protection for the performance-optimized engine and transmission of the commercial vehicles. And with the extended product warranty of 5 years, DTE Systems underlines its claim for the highest chip tuning quality developed and manufactured in Germany.

Easy installation and reprogramming

All tuning products from DTE Systems are easy to install via Plug & Play. Retrofitting to the standard condition is just as simple, e.g. when changing vehicles. The PowerControl DX performance upgrade can be reprogrammed by DTE up to 2 times free of charge and installed in any other vehicle.

PowerControl DX with remote control

  residue-free retrofitting
  extendable security through insurance
  5-year hardware warranty
  more efficiency and profitability
  Intelligent load and engine control
  30-day money-back guarantee
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