VW-Tuning: Small car, big power

VW Polo GTI beats its competition with PowerControl

The VW Polo GTI has always been in the shadow of his big brother. The Opel Corsa OPC (207 hp / 245 Nm) and the Renault Clio RS (200 hp / 240 Nm) as its competitors also have more power under the bonnet. This changes as soon as the GTI gets the chip tuning from DTE.

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PowerControl: Improved performance for the Polo GTI

The Polo GTI from VW is equipped with a gasoline engine, which brings standard values of 192 hp and a torque of 320 Nm. With PowerControl, the Polo V GTI improves its performance and achieves 221 hp (+ 29 hp) and a torque of 370 Nm (+ 50 Nm). Immediately after installation the improved power is noticeable as a result of the tuning. On the road, DTE gives the compact car a plus in performance and a great feeling of driving. Now the Polo gets ahead of the competition and even beats the big brother (VW Golf VII GTI to 02/2017) by 1 HP.

DTE-Tuning: Safe driving with Engine Protect+

Under the name Engine Protect+ DTE introduces new security standards. This standard is responsible that the signals from the engine management are continuously monitored and that the connected sensors are protected to avoid an engine control overload. Air and fuel mixture remain in the physically efficient areas. The protective functions of the engine and the legally prescribed emission values stay unaffected.

VW Polo GTI on DTE's dynamometerVW Polo GTI on DTE's dynamometer
PowerControl for VW Polo GTIPowerControl for VW Polo GTI

Chip tuning for VW Polo GTI

  Performance 192 hp (+29 hp)
  Torque 320 Nm (+50 Nm)
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