Motorhome tuning with DTE PowerControl

More power, less fuel consumption and comfortable driving

Your caravan improves the performance with the motor tuning from DTE and cares for a more comfortable and powerful driving on long journeys.

chip tuning motorhomesHymer motorhome with DTE's chip tuning
Tuning Modul Hymer chip tuningTuning module in a Hymer camper

The engine tuning PowerControl from DTE increases the performance of your camper and ensures a higher horsepower. The improved torque is especially noticeable during start-ups and overtaking. For instance, a Hymer caravan, based on a Fiat Ducato engine, has a performance of 130 hp and 325 Nm before tuning. But the Hymer can even do more: DTE’s PowerControl reaches a new level of performance. The tuning module ensures 159 hp (+29 hp) and a torque of 401 Nm (+76 Nm) within the rolling giant.

Improved acceleration for caravans with the PedalBox

In addition to the motorhome chip tuning of the engine, the PedalBox from DTE also proves to be perfectly fitted for any driving situation. The PedalBox improves the acceleration by up to +10 % while having complete control at any time: It is easy to use with just a few clicks. The three different levels - Sport, Sport Plus and City - can be selected and individually varied with the plus and minus buttons. So you decide at what time you want to optimize the accelerator’s response of your caravan on long journeys.

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Hymer caravan with a plus of performance

On long distances, the fuel consumption can be improved by up to -15 %. With the DTE chip tuning, the individual gears can be extended longer without the hassle of shifting forward and backward on any hill ride. In addition, the higher torque ensures low speeds.

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Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 with accelerator pedal tuning

More dynamic and more driving pleasure is ensured with the PedalBox from DTE. Experience a relaxed but quick start-up with an improved acceleration thanks to the PedalBox from DTE.

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PowerControl – the caravan motor tuning

Installation in few steps

  • Easy installation via plug-and-play
  • Back conversion in series condition at any time

Comprehensive warranty

  • 2-year warranty on our products
  • Including part certificate for many caravan models

Shopping with confidence

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Starting from 599 € incl. VAT. for your motorhome
  • Includes a 5-year software update service on all DTE products

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