Performance tuning box for the Mercedes G 500: Rugged, boxy and uncomplicated

The hand-built classic gets a power update from DTE Systems

Last year was the most successful for the Mercedes G-Class. Never before - since the production’s start in 1979 – have more "Gs" left the production lines. Almost 50% of the G-Class is upgraded by Mercedes’ tuner AMG. The G-Class drivers now receive more power and a higher torque from DTE Systems.

Mercedes G 500

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Mercedes G 500: More "G"enious performance

The V8 with two turbochargers generates 422 hp and 610 Nm (450 ft lb) of torque from the 4 liters displacement. The AMG engine is also used in the Mercedes GT or Mercedes C63 AMG. The performance tuning box from DTE Systems adds now more horses under the hood. The G 500 now generates additional + 70 hp and + 98 Nm with DTE’s chip tuning box PowerControl. No other off-road vehicle - with a similar history - can even provide almost this performance. Land Rover Defender (122 hp), Jeep Wrangler (284 hp) as well as Toyota HZJ (268 hp) already throw in the towel.

Mercedes accelerator pedal tuning: technolo “G” that reduces response time

The Mercedes G 500 is weighty, but still quick, manages the 0-62 mph sprint in less than 6 seconds. But using DTE’s accelerator pedal tuning PedalBox the big giant succeeds the sprint almost without any delay. The PedalBox eliminates the throttle response between "accelerate" and the subsequent acceleration. The accelerator pedal tuning in the Mercedes G ensures amazing faces - guaranteed.

Mercedes G 500 chip tuningMercedes G 500 chip tuning
Mercedes G 500 with PedalBox and appMercedes G 500 with PedalBox and app
Chip tuning for Mercedes G 500

  Performance 338 hp (+33 hp)
  Torque 465 Nm (+65 Nm)
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