DTE's Injector-Tuning

The advantage you can rely on!

The PDI and PDX PowerControl optimize engine performance by directly connecting to the engine's fuel injection system, and in doing so, adjusts its injection cycle in real-time. Injector tuning was developed by DTE, especially for use in the truck, tractor and bakkie/SUV segment and is more advanced than our normal sensor tuning systems. With DTE’s PowerControl, fuel savings of 15% in trucks and tractors are not uncommon but do depend on the vehicle's mileage, age and the application for which it is used. Each PowerControl is individually tailored to suit not only the vehicle's standard performance but also its working conditions. Each tuning solution is vigorously tested on our dyno’s under different load, temperature and altitude conditions, ensuring that they operate as well as they were intended to do.

DTE Injector-Tuning with PowerControl PDI and PDX

› Optimisation of the engine's fuel injection cycle ✓
› More torque for load-intensive tasks ✓
› Less fuel means a better bottom line ✓
› Tailored to each vehicle and its work profile ✓
› Reaching cruising speeds, quicker and easier ✓
› Fewer gear changes mean more power delivery on the road ✓

How does PowerControl work?

The PowerControl is connected directly to the engine's injectors to optimize performance. It does so by increasing the width of the main injection pulse of the injectors, as they inject fuel into each individual cylinder.

By precisely measuring the change in the speed of the compression stroke of each individual cylinder, the PowerControl is able to make real-time injection changes, which results in higher torque and power figures.

Coupled with a vehicle-specific tuning file, the PowerControl will not only improve fuel efficiency but also help reduce CO2 emissions which results in shorter load intervals, and ultimately more miles per gallon.

Mehr Leistung für ihren LKWMore power for the Scania
Mehr Leistung für ihren LKWBetter performance and consumption
Mehr Leistung für ihren LKWFine tuning on our dynamometer

Give it a try!

The PowerControl will help reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, saving you money and also helping to recoup your initial investment!

DTE’s PowerControl: The smart choice for a more powerful engine

See how DTE’s injector tuning systems can benefit you and learn more about what we have to offer.

  • Perfectly tailored performance optimizations for better fuel consumption
  • Maximum reliability and safety with the latest technology from DTE
  • Easy to install with detailed instructions

DTE’s Injector Tuning for passenger car engines

More torque for vehicles with modern diesel-technology

Thanks to their power, fuel efficiency and long life span, modern diesel engines have become more and more popular. Enhanced driving pleasure and razor-sharp response can be added to these key attributes, simply by installing one of our tuning systems.

DTE Injektor-TuningFine tuning on the dynamometer
DTE Injektor-TuningGround breaking injector tuning
DTE Injektor-TuningBest performance gains with DTE

We see significant gains in horsepower and torque, all thanks to DTE’s rapid advancements in the field of injector tuning. Achieving this though means that the fuel has to be injected under the correct pressure, and at the right time and in exact quantities, which all has to happen via each cylinder's solenoid injector…..this is when our injector tuning systems really show their muscle! Extra power doesn’t mean extra risk though, the engine's ECU’s protective functions, CO2 levels and reliability are never compromised.

Injector Tuning with DTE’s PowerControl
  • Engine and tuning products, perfectly in sync
  • Reliability and safety with the latest technology from DTE
  • 2-year warranty on the engine, ECU and transmission
  • Parts certificates for more than 4.000 vehicles
  • Quick and easy installation with detailed instructions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, from date of receipt