Skoda Octavia IV shows its strong side

Improved performance in combination with the PowerControl X performance upgrade

The Skoda Octavia is the classic among family cars. In the new Skoda Octavia IV, the Czech car manufacturer has installed a powerful 2.0 TDI engine, among other things. As it is a special eye-catcher for field workers, frequent drivers and families, the Octavia IV holds a particularly large amount of space and comfort in the interior. But the new Octavia IV not only scores as a classic estate - it is also available as an RS version and shows its sporty side with 150 hp and 320 Nm.

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More power for excursions

To exploit the full potential of the Skoda Octavia IV, the technology experts at DTE have adapted their performance upgrade to the Octavia IV. In addition to an improved performance of +26 hp and +44 Nm, the Skoda Octavia shines with faster acceleration of 0.6 seconds between 80 - 120 km/h (measured in 4th gear). This directly gives the estate car more power for excursions and long-distance journeys.

Fuel-saving on the road

With the PowerControl app, all important performance parameters remain in view at all times and can be determined one on top of the other. This means that the driver of the Octavia always has full control and can individually change the chip tuning programs or switch the extra power on and off. If the driver switches to Efficiency mode, he or she can even reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 % with an adapted driving style. This makes it possible to save fuel while travelling and to enjoy the holiday in an even more relaxed way.

Performance increase PowerControl X for the Skoda Octavia IVPowerControl X for Skoda Octvaia IV
Skoda Octavia IV with accelerator pedal tuning PedalBoxPedalBox for Skoda Octvaia IV

Take off even on slopes

To strengthen the pull when starting and prevent long seconds of thinking, the intelligent accelerator pedal tuning for the Skoda Octavia iI has also been developed. Thanks to the simple installation of the Plug&Play system, the accelerator pedal tuning is installed in no time at all and is immediately ready for use. Sitting in the car, you can immediately feel the improved response. The compact sports car is pulled forward with momentum for better starting on slopes, mountains or serpentines.

Chip tuning for Skoda Octavia IV

  Performance 150 HP (+ 26 HP)
  Torque 320 Nm (+44 Nm)
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