Toyota Yaris GR - Chiptuning tested by Sport Auto

The Toyota Yaris GR is the powerful small car that excites the motorsport scene. With a 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine, "Gazoo Racing" (GR) brings the hot hatch to 261 hp at 360 Nm. The all-wheel drive and the power-to-weight ratio of 4.9 kilograms per horsepower give the small car a maximum speed of 230 km/h and enormous acceleration power. Toyota has thus created the first race-strong hot hatch, which motivates a multitude of racers and tuners to push the performance to the limit. In order to determine the most powerful tuning, Sport Auto subjected the tuned Yaris GR to a comparative test. The DTE engineers worked together with the in-house development department and the tuner 7mod to make the Toyota Yaris GR even more powerful than before. Already with the first performance upgrade, the DTE Toyota Yaris GR cracked the 300 hp mark, now the DTE Yaris GR impresses with even more hp power and performance.

In the big tuning comparison test, the editors were not only impressed by the appearance of the DTE 7mod Yaris, but also by the lap time of the sporty hot hatch: the DTE 7mod Yaris was the only candidate to break the two-minute mark. "7Mod has pushed the combination of an Eventuri intake and the DTE PowerControl box to perfection [...]. The revved-up three-cylinder [pushes and turns] around the course so energetically that it ends up at the top of our hit list - at 1.59.3 min, an incredible 4.5 seconds ahead of the production car," Sport Auto praises the modified Toyota Yaris GR. Furthermore, Sport Auto highlights: "[...] how finely the extra power weaves itself into the rev bands."

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PowerControl and PedalBox - The perfect duo for the road

Use the double racing power with the power duo PowerControl and PedalBox. The two tunings give your hot hatch more power and dynamics for the motorway and country road.

With PowerControl, you increase the efficiency of your Toyota Yaris GR: the chip tuning optimises all signals from the engine management and matches the control parameters in the best possible way. This gives your Yaris noticeably more performance and extra power when accelerating. The Toyota Yaris GR already benefits from a 0.9 second faster acceleration between 80 - 160 km/h in 5th gear with the PowerControl X. So you get maximum efficiency with maximum driving pleasure. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the important parameters of the performance ranges and adjust them to each other. PowerControl X from DTE Systems can be installed in the engine compartment in just a few steps and is ready for immediate use.

The PedalBox gives your Yaris GR that extra kick at the start. Thanks to the improved throttle response, you are now even faster when starting off or accelerating. The smart throttle response controller pulls the sports car forward with power for an even more dynamic start or overtaking. The PedalBox is connected to the accelerator pedal in just three steps and is ready to go straight away. Choose between different programmes to effectively adapt your Toyota Yaris GR to your current driving style. With the PedalBox, choose between the Sport, Sport-Plus or City programme and benefit from more driving feel through modern throttle tuning.

PowerControl Racing Edition for the Yaris GR

Unique and only for the Toyota Yaris GR: PowerControl Racing Edition. To get the maximum racing performance out of the Toyota Yaris GR, DTE Systems has expanded and redeveloped its PowerControl module. For this purpose, the in-house multi-characteristic map technology has been extended and the injection cycles have been adapted even more to the powerful engine of the Yaris GR. This enables maximum power output with effective combustion, giving the hot hatch +60 hp and a remarkable +85 Nm, and thus a whopping 321 hp and 445 Nm on the track. In addition, PowerControl Racing Edition also includes a Vmax upgrade, which means that the top speed of 230 km/h is no longer a limit for the racetrack.

For all those who would like to purchase a complete conversion of their Toyota Yaris GR to the DTE-7mod-Yaris, can enquire at 7mod or via the form:

Advantages - Racing Edition
  • +60 HP
  • +85 Nm
  • Vmax cancellation
  • advanced multi-core optimisation
  • Racing technology
  • for 899,00 € / for 775,00 £

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