More power for the old hand - Kuga II now 4.7 seconds faster in the final sprint

DTE Systems finally gives the popular model more power for overtaking

The Kuga II 1.5 Ecoboost 4x4 is an old hand with a powerful 176 hp and 240 Nm, but at high revs it loses not only power but also speed. DTE Systems gets more power out of the compact SUV with their performance upgrade.

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SUV with decent speed

The Kuga II 1.5 Ecoboost 4x4 delivers an impressive 176 hp and 240 Nm, but its performance at high revs is rather disappointing. The SUV struggles to reach its top speed from a speed of 120 km/h onwards. Therefore, DTE Systems has developed an individual performance upgrade to bring the heavy SUV up to decent speed when accelerating. With PowerControl X, the family car pulls away a remarkable 4.7 s faster at 80 and 160 km/h in 5th gear. In addition, there is a significant increase in power of +34 hp with +64 Nm, i.e. from the original 176 hp and 240 Nm to 204 hp with 304 Nm. This makes fast and safe overtaking possible and the Kuga II reaches its top speed much faster.

Performance increase for SUV Ford Kuga 2PowerControl for Ford Kuga 2
SUV Ford Kuga 2 with accelerator pedal tuningFord Kuga 2 with PedalBox

PowerControl X: Faster, stronger, more fuel-efficient

The Kuga II Ecoboost only produced a sobering 172 hp and 260 Nm in the initial measurement on the MAHA test bench. The performance measurement revealed the biggest problem: the performance of the heavy SUV drops off at high speeds. Long overtaking manoeuvres on the freeway or country road are pre-programmed. DTE Systems tuners were faced with a new challenge to solve the performance problem of the popular family car. For this purpose, the technical experts made specific adjustments for the SUV: The PowerControl X add-on control unit uses multi-characteristic field technology to optimise crucial engine parameters in real time. Not only does this give the Kuga II more power for smooth overtaking, but it also reduces its high fuel consumption by up to 15%: The Ford Kuga II therefore becomes even faster, more powerful, more fuel-efficient. PowerControl X kills two birds with one stone and equips the family car perfectly for long excursions and holiday trips.

Chip tuning for Ford Kuga 2

  Performance 176 HP (+34 HP)
  Torque 240 Nm (+64 Nm)
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