PowerControl X: More power for your vehicle

Best performance with the DTE chip tuning

DTE Systems stands for quality in engine tuning - 100% made in Germany. Therefore, the chip tuning PowerControl adjusts the most important engine parameters so that power and torque increases without exceeding the healthy, possible maximum. The engine tuning can thereby optimize all modern engines and enable a performance increase of up to 30% more horsepower and torque.
Chip tuning from DTE: PowerControl X with app controlChip tuning from DTE: PowerControl X with app control
The performance chip from DTE: PowerControl X also with app control

These are PowerControl benefits:

  • Dyno tested for proven results
  • Available for over 15,000 vehicle types
  • Reliable and safe with DTE technology
  • 5 years product warranty available
  • Easy installation via Plug&;Play
  • Chip tuning via app control

PowerControl - Innovative engine tuning for safe extra performance

Performance-enhancing chip tuning is our core business: That is why the PowerControl family is developed and produced at DTE headquarters in Recklinghausen and is represented in over 100 countries worldwide.
In addition to in-house production, the chip tuning uses modern programming and has a wide range of functions: the add-on unit optimizes all relevant parameters of the fuel-air mixture by means of multi-characteristic field technology and ensures better combustion. On the one hand, this increases performance, and on the other, it can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. This specific tuning therefore makes it possible to achieve an increase in performance in almost all engines - whether common rail diesel, turbo gasoline or hybrid with analog and digital SENT technologies. This individual tuning is made possible by 25 years of tuning experience in the field of ECU tuning, chip tuning and optimization of additional modules.

Racing chip for mor power in fast muscle carsRacing chip for mor power in fast muscle cars
Engine tuning for more performanceEngine tuning for more performance
PowerControl RX: Racing power for sporty engines
PowerControl RX is the most powerful module in the DTE family. The racing chip optimizes sports cars such as Mercedes AMG, BMW M, Audi RS, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari and many more. The performance upgrade is equipped with an advanced, individually adjusted tuning algorithm to get the most potential out of the powerful engines. The specially developed DTE multichannel and multiprotocol technology ensures that PowerControl achieves the best extra power and performance not only in twin and bi-turbo engines, but also in powerful hybrids.

PowerControl: Powerful tuning for everyone

PowerControl with Sport, Dynamic, Efficiency driving modesPowerControl with Sport, Dynamic, Efficiency driving modes
PowerControl with Sport, Dynamic, Efficiency driving modes
With PowerControl you can choose between 3 different driving programs: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency. Each program is characterized by its own focus and gives the driver the opportunity to individually adapt the tuning to their driving style. Each mode has 7 performance levels with which the performance increase can be fine-tuned.

  • Sport mode: Maximum performance, maximum driving pleasure
  • Dynamic mode: Energetic, enduring, agile
  • Efficiency mode: Drive more efficiently, save fuel

Chiptuning control with app

The performance chip PowerControl X can also be operated from the cockpit and can be easily switched on or off via smartphone app. The app also includes performance instruments that display all relevant engine performance data live, as well as an acceleration sensor and a configurable warm-up timer.
The engine tuning can also be operated via voice control on iPhone and Android, making it the first and only tuning with individualization of real-time performance on command.
PowerControl: Can also be controlled via smartphonePowerControl: Can also be controlled via smartphone
PowerControl: Can also be controlled via smartphone

More performance with safety

Chiptuning with safety and warrantyChiptuning with safety and warranty
Chiptuning with safety and warranty
The DTE PowerControl X performance upgrade comes with a comprehensive service and safety package. For all performance enhancements of the PowerControl series, drivers receive an extended product warranty of 5 years.

To ensure the claim of highest quality "Made in Germany", each module is tested on the in-house MAHA test bench. Therefore, the extended product warranty of 5 years applies to all DTE tuning products. Whith this, DTE Systems underlines its claim for the highest tuning quality Made in Germany.

Simply get started with Plug&Play

All add-on control units are supplied as a complete set, together with vehicle-specific programming and matching adapter cables. The PowerControl engine tuning can be easily installed via plug-and-play and converted back to standard mode at any time. After installation, the PowerControl is immediately ready for use.
Easy to plug in and out before servicing with PowerControlEasy to plug in and out before servicing with PowerControl
Easy installation and anytime back to standard with PowerControl
Convince yourself
Chip tuning PowerControl by DTE SystemsChip tuning PowerControl by DTE Systems
You too can benefit to the full extent from a DTE performance upgrade for your vehicle. Choose your suitable tuning module from our configurator.

  • Easy to plug in and out before servicing
  • 5-years product warranty & 5-year software update service on all DTE products
  • Developed, tried and tested on a dyno
  • Test now 30 days risk-free