Safety - Peace Of Mind

The DTE Tuning Ethos is based on these 6 foundations

1. Tried and trusted performance, developed and tested for everyday use

Only new vehicles are used when collecting and analyzing engine information, which ensures that only the most accurate data is used when creating our tuning files, all of which are thoroughly tested on our in-house MAHA dyno. Only tried and trusted tuning solutions are used on your vehicle, ensuring that everyday reliability is never compromised. The vehicle's fault diagnosis system, engine management computer and emission level gauges remain intact.

2. Never tuned to the max

Our philosophy is "safe tuning", taking advantage of any possible areas of improvement. Our goal is not the most power we can get, but rather the optimum levels attainable which are safe for the vehicle.

3. Made in Germany

Our PowerControl and PedalBox tuning products are manufactured in Germany and in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards available.

4. Quality Assurance - VDAT

The President of the Association of German automotive tuners(VDAT), Prof. H.C. Bodo Buschmann, summarised the importance of VDAT membership as follows:

"Customers buying any tuning products should look out for the VDAT quality assurance label. It is their assurance that the products they are buying are of the best quality available. Tuning signed and sealed."

5. Comprehensive warranty

Our fully comprehensive warranty goes far beyond what is legally required, not only ensuring the longevity of your vehicle but your satisfaction too!

6. Parts certificates included

TUV parts certificates are available on request for more than 4,000 different vehicles with more being added all the time. This certification allows you to easily register your vehicle modification with any relevant inspection body.

This certification allows you to easily register your vehicle modification with any relevant inspection body. In Germany for example, the inspection is done by entities such as TÜV, DEKRA or a KÜS-expert and usually only takes a couple of minutes making complex and costly individual registrations,(required by German law §21 StvZo), a thing of the past.
All of our part certificates are issued by Automotive Bundesamt, an authorized testing authority in Germany. They are valid in both German and Austria and accepted by any recognized authority. Please look out for the “with parts certificate“ sign in our online shop, and also note that more vehicles are added all the time. The following link is a typical example of a TUV certificate where claimed power increases, compatibility with the respective vehicle as well engine emission values are all tested for accuracy: Part Approval Certificate

Clarification of parts certificate and insurance

Without a parts certificate, the installation of a chip tuning leads to the expiration of the General Operating License of your vehicle. In that case, an allowable operation by restoring the operating license is possible only through a single inspection with a single screening at a competent inspection service according to § 21 StVZO (German law).

Legal Notice

We point out that the operation of a vehicle without first implementing the change approved by a testing institution in the papers, together with the registration will lead not only to the loss of the general approval of the vehicle and is thereto also connected to the loss of insurance coverage accompanied. Incidentally, the following applies: Every increase in performance caused by a chip tuning has an effect on the statutory warranty claims against the seller or the warranty claims against the manufacturer.