Even more driving fun with the new wireless PedalBox Pro

DTE Systems expands its product range with a new type of throttle response controller

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative engine and throttle response controllers, DTE Systems sets technological standards. In the new product, DTE Systems combines over 25 years of tuning experience in a throttle tuning for more safety and flexibility on the road. With the PedalBox Pro, DTE Systems makes its leading system even better for sportier driving dynamics without acceleration delays. As an absolute innovation, PedalBox Pro includes wireless operation as well as optimised technologies and faster processes. It is also equipped with new features such as Limit mode, Eco mode and an immobiliser.
The PedalBox Pro offers extended possibilities to make more driving fun even more individual. Thanks to the most advanced technology, the PedalBox Pro, which consists of a remote and fixed throttle control unit, can be operated completely wirelessly. With the modern radio remote control in the unique PedalBox design, which fits comfortably on a key ring, five different driving dynamics programmes from efficient to very sporty characteristics as well as two novel PedalBox features can be selected and adjusted comfortably. The actual control unit is connected directly to the throttle and mounted invisibly behind the vehicle's interior trim. Particularly noteworthy are the new exclusive PedalBox Pro functions:

Eco mode: As the latest PedalBox programme, Eco mode ensures a reduction in fuel consumption. The main saving potential results from the softened throttle response of the vehicle achieved by an adapted accelerator pedal line. No abrupt starts, no extreme acceleration, no unnecessary downshifts of the automatic transmission. Overall smoother driving leads to fuel savings.

Limit mode: In Limit mode, the PedalBox Pro limits torque, acceleration and top speed if desired, in case a powerful vehicle should ever be left in inexperienced hands. At the push of a button and adjustable in 7 levels, the PedalBox Pro ensures more safety and reduces the risk of damage. For example, novice drivers within the family or hotel employees who move the car during valet parking are safer on the road.

Immobiliser: PedalBox Pro secures the vehicle and protects against theft. In active mode, the throttle is only released by PedalBox Pro every time the car is started if the associated remote control or an authorised smartphone is within immediate range. As an independent system, the PedalBox Pro simultaneously protects against the well-known security gap in vehicles with modern keyless go, which can be overcome by criminals with little effort and can lead to the vehicle being stolen.

The Sport and City programmes proven by the previous version are still available and offer significantly more driving fun and a new sportier driving experience for a very wide range of vehicle models. High manufacturing quality Made in Germany, a 5-year product warranty and the necessary certifications for safe operation complete the package.

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