Chip tuning for the Infiniti Q50: Powerful performance for a classy Japanese

There is a lucky star shining in the Infiniti’s engine with DTE Systems

Spectacular design, decent workmanship and a Mercedes driving experience - this is the current Infiniti Q50. The classy mid-class sedan is based on the C-Class and is powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel. For this, DTE Systems now offers the right performance tuning box, which allows Infiniti to catch up with the more powerful competition.

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Infiniti chip tuning: New performance for more diesel power

Development, dyno ride, test drive: The performance tuning box PowerControl was specially designed for the Infiniti Q50’s engine. Connected to the central sensors of the engine control unit, the high-performance module immediately unfolds its impressive effect. The DTE chip tuning systems use the manufacturer’s in-built tolerances. The Infiniti Q50 can now shine with completely new strengths, especially during overtaking and driving on the highway.

This is how engine tuning works: Infiniti on a par with Mercedes

The Infiniti with the new DTE motor tuning now generates +26 HP and +70 Nm more on the road. Thus, it comes close to the more powerful Mercedes C 250 d with a standard 204 hp engine and almost catches up. The noble Japanese literally drives like a shiny star. Accelerate faster with the accelerator pedal tuning by DTE. For improved acceleration and more spontaneous start-ups at the traffic lights, DTE Systems offers a second tuning product for the Infiniti. The PedalBox Pro is the new accelerator pedal tuning system, which is connected to the accelerator pedal sensors. Already in the first test, the vehicle reacts much faster to the accelerator pedal’s incoming signals minimizing turbo lags and enabling faster start-ups.

PowerControl for Infiniti Q50PowerControl for Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50 with PedalBoxInfiniti Q50 with PedalBox

Chip tuning for Infiniti Q50

  Performance (+26 hp)
  Torque (+70 Nm)
  More about PowerControl

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