Chiptuning Mercedes A 45 AMG: More power for the big compact

Best performance for the strongest 4-cylinder-engine

The A 45 AMG already has strength and dynamism in the series. The strongest version of the Swabian compact class has the world's most powerful 4-cylinder series motor. The hidden potential of the large 381 hp engine from 2016, reveals the Mercedes engine tuning from DTE Systems.

Mighty in appearance and elegant at the same time the black AMG moves to the dyno. The new Mercedes performance tuning Power Control for gasoline engines finds sufficient space under the long hood of the German. The work begins, when all central sensors are connected. And the result is remarkable.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes A 45 AMG: stable and robust

Punchy and with a clear discernible improvement in torque, the A45 is pulled ahead. On the roads it remains stable and strong, drives agile the curves. The power increase is noticeable over the entire speed range and remains constant.

Chiptuning MercedesChiptuning PowerControl for Mercedes
Chiptuning development at DTE SystemChiptuning development at DTE Systems

Mercedes and Porsche: almost at the same performance level

The engine power grows by 35 hp to awesome 416 hp. This means that the A 45 AMG has nearly as much power as the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S - with a much smaller Mercedes capacity. Also, the torque of the Swabia grows and breaks the barrier of 500 Nm to 520 Nm (+45 Nm).

All highlights at a glance
  • More power: 416 hp (+35)
  • More torque: 520 Nm (+45 Nm)
  • Comprehensive warranty included