Volvo XC 90 (II): A real diesel power pack

With a DTE Chiptuning Volvo XC90 impresses with improved torque

After 13 long years Volvo presents the successor of the XC90 to the public. And thanks to the new owner Geely, Volvo engineers were able to draw on nearly unlimited resources. Its newly designed bodywork makes clear where the XC90 feels particularly at home: on the highway, long distance preferred. The D5 with 225 hp moves its 2.1 tonnes unladen weight without much attention from A to B. Especially the high torque of 470 NM is a convincing argument for Volvo driver: 3 of 4 customers choose the diesel.

Chiptuning for the Volvo XC 90Chiptuning for the Volvo XC 90
XC 90 on our dynoXC 90 on our dyno

"These are our clients!"

For more goosebumps DTE transplants the chiptuning box PowerControl in the engine compartment. The Volvo-Tuning allows the two turbochargers to get down to business: +30 hp more power and + 60 Nm more torque. "Diesel drivers are especially pleased about the increase in torque with the DTE Chiptuning," says head of development Detlef Strube. "These are our clients."

Clean Volvo tuning

PowerControl features the latest Multi-Map technology, which enables the comformity with legal and for the vehicle predetermined emission values. So PowerControl can freely be used on vehicles with a diesel particulate filter – for a clean Volvo tuning.

DTE chiptuning box PowerControlDTE chiptuning box PowerControl
Tuning for the accelerator with PedalBoxTuning for the accelerator with PedalBox

Power at your fingertips

The DTE PedalBox is connected to the accelerator electronics to fine-tune the characteristics of the XC90. The driver can choose between three pre-set programs: Sport, Sport Plus and City. With just a push of the button the Volvo turns from a gentle cruiser into a speedy off-road racer.

Chiptuning for the Volvo XC 90 (II)

  Performance 255 HP (+30 HP)
  Torque 530 Nm (+60 Nm)


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