Chip tuning for the Ferrari 488 GTB: Performance is required

Unique driving experience in the turbo two-seater

With the chiptuning box PowerControl from DTE Systems additionally + 50 hp and + 100 Nm are plant in the rear of the mid-engine double-seaters. Finally, under the elongated glass hood the 3.9-liter turbocharged engine awaits its reinforcement. One thing DTE Systems and Ferrari have in common: customers expect performance. And as often, performance is expressed in figures: the 488 GTB has 670 hp and 760 Nm in stock performance and before the DTE optimization.

Configure your Ferrari chip tuning now:

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PowerControl. Intelligent power on driver's request

The engine now provides 720 hp and 860 Nm with the chiptuning box from DTE Systems. A progressive push forward with every accelerator pedal movement - addiction guaranteed! But PowerControl is not only fast – it is intelligent power on driver's request. With the integrated Adaptive Sensor System and all relevant engine data the Ferrari tuning from DTE recognizes the respective load state of the engine. Thus, the extra power always comes when the driver wants it. A rocket launch at the traffic light and a speedy acceleration on the highway are thus guaranteed.

PedalBox. Best reaction times, free of any delay.

Turbo engines are known for their delayed gas intake. However, when starting up and accelerating, every second counts. And if you do not want to lose the forward thrust at a gear change, you can rely on the PedalBox. The accelerator pedal provides the best reaction times and free of any delay. More than 20 different programs can be selected just at the press of a button.With enhanced performance and a response-free acceleration, DTE Systems provides a unique driving experience with PowerControl and PedalBox.

PowerControl for FerrariPowerControl for Ferrari
Ferrari 488 GTB on DTE's dynamometerFerrari 488 GTB on DTE's dynamometer

Chip tuning for Ferrari

  Performance 670 hp (+50 hp)
   Torque 760 Nm (+100 Nm)
  More about PowerControl

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