Eco Tuning

Save Fuel with DTE’s PowerControl

ECO tuning is a tuning file which has been optimised for lower fuel consumption, in other words, optimal performance, torque, exhaust emissions and economy in all driving conditions. Therefore, the better the efficiency, the lower the fuel consumption.

With pure ECO tuning, the main focus in optimising the RPM range where it’s actually possible to save fuel. The increase in torque allows much lower average engine revs which results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Compatible with all Diesel particulate filters

The advantage of the latest PowerControl with multi-map technology is the fact that they adhere to the vehicles legally prescribed emission levels. Fuel is used 100% efficiently thanks to the optimised combustion throughout the rev range.

Therefore these systems can freely be used in vehicles that have diesel particulate filters. The vehicle-specific TÜV Component Certificates also confirms their emission value compliance.

How much fuel can be saved with DTE’s ECO tuning?

Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15% depending on one’s driving style, which means that the system quickly pays for itself.

Some of these factors include the individuals actual driving style as well as characteristics of the routes they travel on most frequently.

The increase in torque is the key factor in lowering fuel consumption. Due to the fact that the extra power is available at low rpm’s means that for most driver’s, their driving style automatically adapts to the new power. Gears are changed sooner and fuel is saved with each crankshaft revolution.

Start saving fuel now!

  • Optimised emissions and fuel economy in all driving conditions
  • Straight forward ‘Plug and Play’ installation
  • 30 day money back offer