Ford Kuga: More power for the compact SUV with DTE chip tuning

DTE reveals the complete performance potential of the Ford

Elegant, powerful and innovative - with these catchwords, Ford has facelifted the second-generation Kuga for 2017. The SUV is available with petrol engines performing 120 hp, 150 hp and 182 hp. In addition, there is a range of diesel options with 140 hp, 163 hp and 180 hp. DTE Systems now provides a better Ford performance with the tuning box PowerControl and DTE’s modern accelerator tuning PedalBox.

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DTE chip tuning: A Ford Kuga with power

The SUV from Ford is considered a comfortable family car and at the same time it ensures a much more distinctive and handsome look, compared to the ageing Kuga version before. And on the inside there is potential that can be improved. With PowerControl from DTE, the Kuga gets even more performance under the bonnet. Whether diesel or petrol - with PowerControl from DTE Systems the Kuga gets + 25% more power out of itself. The Ford Kuga II 1.5 EcoBoost increases its performance by +37 hp and +58 Nm (+43 lb ft). So, the Ford Kuga with the DTE tuning beats its competitors of this class, the VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI as well as the Vauxhall Mokka 1.4. The performance increase ensures a proper starting, especially during start-up and intermediate acceleration. The Kuga shows a complete new driving pleasure on the road immediately after PowerControl’s installation.

Better acceleration: New PedalBox for the Ford Kuga

In addition to the performance increase, the Kuga also gets the pedal tuning system from DTE installed. The new PedalBox Pro improves the acceleration by up to +10%. For this purpose, the plug & play device is simply plugged into the Ford Kuga’s accelerator electronics. The driver has the possibility to adjust the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal using the four programs City, Sport, Sport-Plus and Stock. With the new feature PerfecTune, the accelerator tuning can also be customized individually to the Ford. So the response of the accelerator pedal is significantly optimized and the programs are set-up precisely – perfectly suited to the individual Kuga’s characteristics. A powerful driving experience and more driving pleasure are guaranteed for every Ford Kuga owner.

PowerControl X: Chip tuning for Ford Kuga IIPowerControl X: Chip tuning for Ford Kuga II
PedalBox with app for Ford Kuga 2PedalBox with app for Ford Kuga II

Chip tuning for Ford Kuga II

  Leistung (+30 PS)
  Drehmoment (+55 Nm)
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