Tuning at eye level: Mitsubishi Pajero (V80)

No turbo lag but pure acceleration even at lower revs

With the Pajero facelift in 2009 Mitsubishi revised thoroughly its diesel engines – one of them is the 3.2 liter in-line four-cylinder in the V80. This makes the Pajero - in times of downsizing - a genuine exception. His 800 cubic centimeter (per cylinder!) would perfectly fit into a complete compact car of other manufacturers. The 190 hp diesel moved in as a top version in the Mitsubishi engine program at the end of 2015. Here the Pajero puts out 441 Nm of torque.

Configure your Mitsubishi Pajero (V80) chip tuning now:

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DTE injector tuning

Clearly, this engine needs a tuning at eye level: The DTE Injector Tuning. In addition to the injection time also rail and boost pressure are optimized. Below the line the tuning increase power up to +32 more hp and +79 Nm more torque. In other words: no turbo lag but pure acceleration even at lower revs. With the DTE tuning the Mitsubishi Offroader moves effortlessly in a straight line to top speed.

Convincing: Tuning for your accelerator

And when the Pajero driver is already on the road, he uses the PedalBox. The accelerator tuning from DTE provides the right performance on asphalt. With the PedalBox the Pajero accelerates right from the standstill his 2.3 tonnes, like having a diet successfully finished. It responds nimbly to each accelerator pedal movement, especially useful on the highway.

Chip tuning for Mitsubishi Pajero-Facelift 2009Chip tuning for Mitsubishi Pajero-Facelift 2009
Injector tuning for Pajero-Facelift 2009Injector tuning for Pajero-Facelift 2009
Chip tuning for Mitsubishi Pajero-Facelift 2009

  Performance 190 hp (+32 hp)
  Torque 441 (+79 Nm)
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