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DTE Systems engine tuning gives the hybrid more power

Volkswagen's Passat GTE is the fuel-saving comfort model of the mid-size class. With around 218 hp and 400 Nm, the hybrid is not only fuel-efficient, but also powerful and high-performance. The 1.4-TSi in combination with the electric motor drives particularly environmentally friendly and quietly in e-mode, with a consumption of only 1.5 liters and an electric range of up to 70 km. Ideally suited for commuters and families. .

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Protect the environment and save fuel with tuning?

DTE's PowerControl X performance upgrade boosts the plug-in hybrid with 1.4 TSI engine to 249 hp and 469 Nm. At the same time, the VW Passat GTE manages to save 1.9 seconds of acceleration with the chip tuning (80 - 160 km/h in 5th gear).  With an original acceleration of 15 seconds from 80 - 160 km/h, this is an enormous gain in speed. This means that you can feel much more traction when overtaking on the motorway. Added to this is the chip tuning app, which can be controlled via mobile phone and allows the tuning to be adjusted individually at any time. This means that the E-mode of the plug-in hybrid can also be switched to the Efficiency mode of the engine tuning and up to 15% more fuel can be saved. This makes the VW Passat GTE even more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient than before.  

Performance measurement for the VW Passat GTEPerformance measurement for the VW Passat GTE

Chip tuning for VW Passat GTE

  Performance 218 HP (+31 HP)
  Torque 400 Nm (+69 Nm)
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