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DTE equips the Case IH Magnum with more power and performances

Excellent strength, efficient engine performance, reliable operation - even from the factory, the Case IH Magnum CVX shows itself to be an efficient commercial vehicle. Despite its resilient 8.7-litre 6-cylinder engine, the Case IH Magnum can benefit from resource-saving, higher productivity thanks to optimised engine performance.      

Configure your Case IH Magnum 340 CVX chip tuning now:

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Higher productivity for more efficiency

To equip tractors with modern and safe tuning, DTE Systems has developed the new PowerControl DX performance upgrade. The add-on module for commercial vehicles is equipped with up to eight injectors and an additional 4 sensors and tunes the injection cycle, rail pressure and boost pressure in real time. This increases the engine power in the Case IH Magnum 340 CVX by 55.5 hp at 187 Nm. At the same time, the tuning optimises fuel consumption and reduces it by up to 12%. On the Case IH Magnum, the auxiliary control unit delivers 412.5 hp at 1925 Nm, giving more yield with less time and fuel.

Intelligent load control - always smart on the road

In addition to tuning the injection cycle, PowerControl DX continuously adapts the engine power to the driving situation and real load patterns. Engine logging and analysis keep the tuning for the Case Magnum CVX flexible. In addition to detailed data analysis, PowerControl DX supports Bluetooth connection over long distances for the first time. This means farmers are always connected to PowerControl DX even over long distances between the engine compartment and the cockpit. This enables individual adjustment to the terrain and power input - flexibly and at any time. 

Engine tuning PowerControl DX for the Case IH Magnum 340 CVXPowerControl DX for the Case IH Magnum 340 CVX
Engine tuning with smartphone control in the Case IH Magnum 340 CVXChip tuning with smartphone control in the Case IH Magnum 340 CVX

Chip tuning for the Case IH Magnum 340 CVX

  Performance 375 HP (+55.5 HP)
  Torque 1738 Nm (+187 Nm)
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