Ford Fiesta: chip tuning for one of UK’s best-selling hatchbacks

PowerControl and PedalBox significantly improve the driving experience of the 2017 Ford Fiesta

The American car manufacturer is revolutionizing its compact class with the Ford Fiesta 18: more space, more comfort, equipped with the latest tech. The 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with the standard output of 120hp and 199ftlb fits particularly well to the Fiesta. The real potential can now be released by the new chip tuning PowerControl X from DTE Systems.

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PowerControl X: Small Ford with great performance

The 2017 Ford Fiesta is sportier and bigger - 71 millimeters in length and 13 millimeters in width. However, the hatchback produced in Cologne-Niehl has also gained in comfort and dynamics, compared to its predecessors. But the compact diesel still has huge potential: Therefore, the Ford Fiesta is equipped with the current chip tuning box from DTE Systems. With the new PowerControl X the small Ford experiences a completely new development of power. The Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi generates +23hp and +55ftlb more torque using PowerControl X and this performance can be felt right away. This provides a neat driving pleasure, especially when starting-up or accelerating on longer distances. So, the eighth-generation Fiesta with the DTE tuning no longer needs to hide from its competitors of Vauxhall Corsa, VW Polo or Hyundai i20.

Chip tuning with smartphone control: now also available for the Ford Fiesta (2017)

Controlling the extra power with PowerControl X is quite easy using a smartphone. Switching on or off the tuning or between the driving programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency is easily possible with the new app. For a perfect visualization of all relevant performance data, the PowerControl app also offers a performance instrumentation panel that displays the optimized values – such as turbocharging, rail or manifold pressure. Another app’s highlight is the accelerometer, which measures, which g-forces act on the vehicle from all directions in real time.

PowerControl X for the Ford FiestaPowerControl X for the Ford Fiesta
PedalBox with smartphone app for Ford FiestaPedalBox with smartphone app for Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta tuning: Better acceleration with the PedalBox

In some reviews, the slightly slower acceleration of the Fiesta is criticized. Despite the diesel’s fairly good torque of the Fiesta, it starts a bit sluggish. Therefore, the compact is also equipped with the accelerator pedal tuning system PedalBox by DTE Systems. The plug-and-play tuning is quickly installed in just a few simple steps and improves the Ford’s acceleration by up to + 10%. Only two plugs are connected - one to the accelerator pedal, the other to the pedal sensor. With the three preset programs "Sport", "Sport Plus" and "City" the PedalBox is ready to use.

Chip tuning for Ford Fiesta

  Performance 120 hp (+23 hp)
  Torque 270 Nm (+75 Nm)
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