Golf 8 R - almost 50 hp more racy

DTE Systems gives the Hot Hatch more racing power thanks to chip tuning

The name affix "Racing" is also reflected in the driving dynamics of the Golf 8 R. Thanks to R Performance and all-wheel drive, the VW Golf 8 R is perfectly suited for dynamic driving. The progressive steering adjusts the steering angle to the speed and the 4Motion all-wheel drive R Performance Torque Vectorin manages to distribute the torque of the four-cylinder variably between the front and rear axles and can even weight the entire torque to the outermost wheel in the curves. In addition to the great driving pleasure due to its driving dynamics, the Golf 8 also comes with 320 hp and 420 Nm for a sporty drive on the track. The R-engine, however, allows for even more racing fun.

Configure your Golf 8 R chip tuning now:

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The king of the sporty R models with PowerControl X

On the DTE test bench, the Racing Golf appeared with even more power than specified as standard. Although the DTE technicians were already able to measure 13 hp and 5 Nm more on the in-house MAHA dynamometer, this did not exhaust the Golf 8 R's final output. With the premium module PowerControl X, the compact sports car could be brought up to an impressive 379 hp and 425 Nm. This puts the Golf 8 R well ahead of the VW R models in terms of performance. In addition to this astonishing lead in power, the acceleration from 80 - 160 km/h could also be reduced by 1.8 seconds with the performance upgrade. The performance upgrade is made possible by the company's own chip tuning development, which works with a multi-characteristic field technology. This ensures that the additional control unit optimizes all relevant parameters and ensures more effective combustion. With this special adrenaline kick, the racing sports car dominates the country road, highway and track.

Never lose track of your live performance data

The Golf 8 R is also equipped with future technology - Volkswagen provides all the important performance data in the R-View view, and the PowerControl X app supplements all additional data as simple. With the help of the app control, the driver can adapt the extra power to his personal driving style at any time and switch between the Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency programs. For the maximum racetrack feeling, all key engine data such as boost pressure, intake manifold pressure and acceleration can be viewed in real time and thus optimized as desired. In this way, the Golf 8 GTI continues to offer sporty comfort with maximum performance.

Chip tuning PowerControl for the Golf 8 RChip tuning for the Golf 8 R
Accelerator tuning PedalBox for Golf 8 RPedalBox for the Golf 8 R

Sporty race start with PedalBox

To further increase the feeling of acceleration and dynamics, the DTE engineers have also tuned the DTE accelerator pedal tuning to the Golf 8 R: With its improved accelerator pedal characteristic, the PedalBox provides noticeably better throttle response. The Golf 8 R is pulled forward with additional momentum and power for an even sportier race start.

Chip tuning for the Golf 8 R

  Performance 320 HP (+46 HP)
   Torque 489 Nm (+79 Nm)
   Acceleration -1,8 seconds
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