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DTE Systems GmbH develops, produces and distributes performance enhancements for cars, trucks and tractors. Our company is located in Recklinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) between Dortmund and Essen. With the DTE Systems product PowerControl, engine performance increases by 25% to 30%, and consumption optimizations of up to 15% are possible. For trucks, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 12 % with PowerControl PDX. And farmers and contractors achieve correspondingly higher area productivity thanks to increased output of 20 %.

A second DTE product line is the PedalBox: the electronic throttle controller for all passenger cars with electronic gas pedal. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of the throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement of acceleration by approx. 10 %.

DTE Systems’ Milestones

DTE Systems was started by founder and then owner Patrick von Drunen in 1996 and soon established European trade partners in Italy, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey and Norway. In 2003 the company relocated to the Ortloh Business Park, a trendy and modern business area in Recklinghausen, and merged the R&D and production departments. During this time DTE underwent rapid expansion quickly growing to 21 employees.

Ten years later in 2013, and still in Recklinghausen, the company moved into their ultra-modern and newly built offices in Maria von Linden Street, merging R&D, manufacturing and logistics all under one roof. Super-fast turnaround times and excellent logistics are all made possible thanks to in-house cable and module manufacturing, which also ensures that DTE is able to maintain the best quality standards possible.

Internationally, DTE continues to expand and since its formation in 1996 is represented on four continents in more than 70 countries via its strong dealer network. In 2016 DTE launched their brand new website, which boasts a whole host of new features, including a vehicle configuration tool, handy drop down toolbars offering lots more useful tuning information.

DTE Systems TeamDTE Systems Team
Performance Measurements and R&DPerformance Measurements and R&D
DTE Systems TeamDTE Systems Team

Our mission: Better and safer performance

Ensuring our tuning products are safe and reliable for everyday use is our main objective, because your vehicle is our priority! We are also a member VDAT, The Association of Automobile Tuners, your piece of mind that we aspire to the highest quality tuning standards. And if that wasn’t enough, we can already provide TÜV parts certifications on our PowerControl’s for more than 4,000 vehicles.

High quality components such as heat-resistant automotive fiberglass housings, high performance CPU’s (for real-time calculations) and OEM quality connector plugs are just some examples of our relentless pursuit of tuning perfection!

DTE Quality Management

An in-house audit was carried out by the RWTÜV Systems GmbH in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001 in 2003, and once again in 2006 by TÜV Austria. This verification forms the basis for us being able to provide TÜV certifications for our tuning systems which is necessary in Germany and some other countries. This attention to detail ensures complete peace of mind for our customers, knowing that we are dedicated to safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

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