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Experience a totally different car - performance and driving pleasure due to a real boost in performance. The innovative technology of our chip tuning systems optimizes the engine management system of your Audi, and so makes the most of the existing potential.

Warranty already included

Reliability and durability are our priorities. The chip tuning systems for your Audi use the manufacturer's in-built tolerances without overloading the engine and drive train. Guaranteed safety: Vehicle warranty included at no additional cost.
The new DTE chip tuning system for Audi: chip tuning technology for the best Audi performance and optimized fuel consumption.

The latest development in the field of chiptuning boxes uses the revolutionary multi-map technology. In these systems, 4-8 data maps are stored, and then retrieved depending on the desired driving behaviour.

This means improved values for performance, torque, emissions and fuel consumption in all imaginable driving conditions for your vehicle. This technology is compatible with particulate filters and of course TÜV tested.

Audi-News here at DTE:


Chiptuning für Audi S6

Tuning for Audi S6 Avant

The Audi S6 Avant by DTE combines the best of two worlds: space and sportiness. Only faster! To be precise: 3.1 seconds faster from 100 to 200 km/h compared to the standard S6.

Audi-News Video:

DTE-Chiptuning: Tuning for Audi S3

Tuning for Audi S3

Fitted with our chip tuning box the Audi S3 gains 55 HP and 72.5 Nm. Get close to the action and watch the installation and test run…

Audi-News Video:

Chiptuning for Audi A3

The new Audi A3 2.0 TDI – faster than ever with DTE-Systems!

Watch for yourself how we equipped a new A3 with a chiptuning box in our latest video...

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

World premiere at DTE:
Chiptuning Audi RS3 (8V)

The Audi RS3 shows, what he got. That he can do even more, proves DTE – thanks to revolutionary technology.

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Sports cars and style icon:
The new Audi TT (8S)

Already in the standstill the new Audi TT lets the pulses racing. For a racing heartbeat DTE takes over...

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Chiptuning Audi RS7

Audi RS7 à la DTE

Here parks the fire red Audi RS7 from Chris Töpperwien. But those who know Chris, knows that fast is not fast enough. Similar to DTE.

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

DTE Performance Pack:
Made for drivers of serious intent

DTE has uncorked the Audi to deliver for more horsepower (+43 HP) and torque (+ 75 Nm). With the DTE Performance Pack you’re in charge of a tool made for drivers of serious intent.

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Audi A4 and DTE: like two steps forward

Most A4s are sold with diesel engines. This Audi A4 comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. DTE spends a healthy dose of power for those who want exhilarating performance.

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Audi Q7 - A storming Power-Upgrade

The standard Audi Q7 boasts a 3-litre turbocharged Diesel, with 240 HP and 550 Nm of torque. And then DTE came to push the output further...

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Luxury-Tuning for Audi A8

For more power-hungry pilots, there's the Team of DTE-Systems...

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Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Audi S 6 powered by DTE Systems

With the Performance Pack DTE Systems adds a huge dollop of performance, helping to harness all that power, making the Audi S6 an absolute blast to drive.

>> Full review here

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Hello Audi Q3 - the little one joins our team

Besides the Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI 310 PS we now welcome the new  Audi Q3 1.4 TSI 150 PS Euro 6 in our Chiptuning-family. Tested and chipped thoroughly on our MAHA MSR500 dynamometer....

>> Full test results here

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

More Power: Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI 310 HP

The new Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI 310 HP now here at DTE Chiptuning with 56PS / 86Nm more.

>> Check out the full test results here

Audi A3 1.8 TFSI

More power & more torque for Audi A3 1.8 TFSI

Just last week we tuned and tested the Audi S3 in our workshop. Now we geared up the Audi A3 1.8 TFSI with our chiptuning box.  Check out the results of the performance test...

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Audi S3 – faster and more powerful

We equipped the Audi S3 with our chiptuning box and tested it on the dynamometer. With chiptuning by DTE-Systems the Audi is faster and more powerful than ever.

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

Professional Chiptuning for the Audi A1 TFSI

We equipped the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI with our chiptuning box and calibrated it on our dynamometer. The standard performance figures of the Audi are 185 HP and 250 Nm. We managed to increase the performance by 15 HP and 45 Nm. Chiptuning for Audi A1 in our Shop

Chiptuning-Audi - DTE Chiptuning No.1

More Power for Audi A3 Sportback

After we installed our chiptuning box in the Audi A3 Sportback we had a test run on our new dynamometer. Check out the results:

View the performance graph here.

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