30-days return policy

If our product does not meet with your requirements kindly contact our customer service department. In most cases, we can resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently. 

Should you wish to return your product, you may do so within 30 days upon receipt thereof. For returning from Germany and Austria, we pay the shipping costs.

How can I return items?

Please note the following steps:

1. Open the return form

As a registered user, you sign in to your account. Under "My Account" on "Returns" you find the returns form.
As an unregistered user/guest use this link to open the return form 

2. Complete the return form

Please fill out our return form, email it back to us and also include a copy in the returning parcel.

3. Send the parcel

Send the parcel to the address in our email, once we receive the parcel, we will process and provide a refund.  Please note that shipping cost cannot be reimbursed for international shipping.

Is everything correct, we will reimburse the purchase price within a few days.
Still have questions about your return, please contact our customer service. 

We will gladly assist you!

we will process and provide a refund.