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DTE Injector-Tuning for the Iveco Stralis 460 (Euro 6)

The Iveco Stralis 420 has an 11.1-liter six-cylinder with 420 horsepower and torque of 1,900 Nm. Born in Italy, developed in Germany and built in Spain. The engine comes from Switzerland. Clearly, the Iveco combines best European virtues: Quality, reliability and temperament. And with a DTE performance improvement PowerControl PDI another virtue is added: Thrift.

Iveco Stralis 460Tuning for the Stralis
Iveco Stralis 460The Iveco is ready!
Iveco Stralis 460Installation Completed: PowerControl PDI

That is how it is done: More power, less fuel consumption

High expectations are being placed on modern diesel engines: High performance, high torque, low fuel consumption - especially for trucks. The secret is to inject the fuel under pressure in the right quantity at the right time. All that happens individually for each cylinder and instantaneously via solenoid valves of the injectors. And now we just hit the point where DTE tuning comes into play. By extending the injection times and optimizing the individual cylinder signals the performance of the Iveco Stralis grows from 460 HP to 515 HP. Likewise, the extra strength in torque should be mentioned: increasing from 2150 Nm to 2400 Nm. Important power reserves that can be activated at any time.

Iveco now with PowerControl: Maintain twelfth gear

The DTE performance tuning can do even more: In addition to the reduced fuel consumption of the Iveco Stralis the tuning also reduces the number of performance-based gearshifts. The diesel engine runs more evenly over the entire life cycle in its optimum speed field. Hence, the DTE tuned Stralis completes a significantly larger proportion of driving in its twelfth gear.

DTE Injector-Tuning PowerControl PDI

 Less gradient related circuits ✓
Fewer interruptions in tractive power ✓
Less consumption, more profit ✓
Easy to install with original connectors ✓
More traction and greater performance reserves ✓
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Fewer interruptions in tractive power