Dynamic and more fuel-efficient

DTE Injector-Tuning for the Scania R520 (Euro 6)

Among the manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, Scania is the last to offer its customers an eight-cylinder engine – the distinctive sound of the engine included. The Injector tuning PowerControl PDX from DTE now increases driving dynamics while reducing fuel costs.

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Build your efficiency advantage

The DTE injector tuning PowerControl PDX optimizes the maximum values of power and torque of the Scania 16.4-liter V-motor: The power increases by 40 hp from 520 hp to 560 hp. In addition, torque is extended by 230 Nm from 2700 Nm to 2930 Nm. The PowerControl PDX improves the efficiency of the entire engine map of the Scania R 520.

In practice, the driver feels a significantly better drivability on all road conditions. Especially in the lower speed range, the driver benefits from the optimized power and torque curves.

Lured out of the comfort zone - for more power

Under the influence of the injector-tuning the fully automated transmission makes a noticeable contribution to lower fuel consumption. Power Control PDX gives the R520 a new customized power and switching characteristics. The transmission shifts up much earlier and thus uses low speeds.

Thanks to the DTE-injector tuning this goes hand in hand without compromising driving performance. On the contrary: The Scania shows off significantly higher reserves on inclines. Without gear changes the R520 copes effortlessly with climbs and therefore without loss of tractive force.

DTE Injector-Tuning PowerControl PDX

 Less gradient related circuits ✓
Fewer interruptions in tractive power ✓
Less consumption, more profit ✓
Easy to install with original connectors ✓
More traction and greater performance reserves ✓
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