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More dynamic on the road in the noble luxury motorhome with the DTE performance upgrade

The premium motorhome is already fascinating due to its enormous size. Added to this is the elegant and high-quality interior, which give the Carthago pure luxury comfort. A motorhome that is made for the next dream vacation with power and performance.  

Configure your Carthago motorhome chip tuning now:

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Carthago with first-class values

Although the top model Carthago already has impressive power with an engine output of 177 hp and 400 Nm, the motorhome can be optimized with technologically advanced chip tuning. For this purpose, the DTE developers have newly developed the PowerControl performance upgrade for the Carthago. Using modern multi-channel technology, up to nine channels of the engine can be tuned in real time. The tuning system thus optimizes all relevant parameters and ensures more effective combustion. This raises the performance of the motorhome by +25 hp and +50 Nm. To adjust the extra power individually, the PowerControl app can be used to set the chip tuning to personal preferences by means of different driving modes. This not only gives the Carthago a significant power boost for highway and country roads, but can also save up to 15% fuel in the Efficiency program. An extra performance that makes traveling in the Carthago pay off, for relaxed driving - no matter how much luggage.

Chip tuning PowerControl in the motor home CarthagoChiptuning PowerControl für motorhome Carthago
Motor home Carthago with gas pedal tuning PedalBoxCarthago with the PedalBox

Chip tuning for the motorhome Carthago 

  Performance 177 HP (+25 HP)
  Torque 400 Nm (+50 Nm)
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