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DTE increases the power and tractive force of the John Deere 6130R tractor

The four-valve technology with high-pressure common rail injection (HPCR) already makes the high-performance John Deere 6130R tractor a strong and reliable utility vehicle for modern agriculture. High work demands require extra power and performance, so the John Deere 6130R is equipped with a standard output of 136.4 hp and 572 Nm.

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Efficiently more area output

To equip tractors with modern and safe tuning, DTE Systems has developed the new PowerControl DX performance upgrade. The add-on module for commercial vehicles is equipped with up to eight injectors and an additional 4 sensors and tunes the injection cycle, rail pressure as well as boost pressure in real time. This increases engine output in the John Deere by 30.6 hp at 122 Nm. At the same time, the tuning optimizes fuel consumption and reduces it by up to 12%. In the John Deere 6130R, the add-on ECU delivers 167 hp at 694 Nm for more output with less time and fuel 

Up-to-date everywhere, connected everywhere

In addition to tuning the injection cycle, PowerControl DX continuously adapts engine performance of the John Deere 6130 R to the driving situation and real load patterns. Using engine logging and analysis, tuning for the John Deere remains flexible. In addition to detailed data analysis, PowerControl DX supports Bluetooth connectivity over long distances for the first time. This means farmers are always connected to PowerControl DX even over long distances between the engine compartment and the cockpit. This enables individual adjustment to terrain and power input at any time. 

Engine tuning PowerControl DX for the John Deere 6130RPowerControl DX for the John Deere 6130R

All around safe

John Deere is considered one of the most reliable tractors among agricultural machinery. To continue to ensure safety and reliability, all performance data were measured by DTE in several test runs the reference vehicles according to standardized test methods. Optionally, additional insurance coverage is available and a residue-free removal of the additional power is possible at any time.

Chip tuning for the John Deere 6130R

  Performance 136,4 PS (+30,6 PS)
  Torque 572 Nm (+122 Nm)
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