More power and horsepower with DTE chip tuning

More power and horsepower with DTE chip tuning

The Ford Ranger Raptor is an exciting and powerful pickup that is perfect for off-road adventures. With its powerful engine producing around 292 hp and 491 Nm, advanced suspension system and rugged design, the Raptor Ranger is ready for even the toughest terrain. The spacious interior is equipped with modern technology and safety features that make it both functional and comfortable. Whether you're hauling heavy loads or exploring the great outdoors, the Ford Ranger Raptor is the ultimate choice for those who demand performance and versatility from their vehicle. To add even more strength to this feeling of freedom and readiness, DTE Systems has equipped the pick-up with powerful extra power.
The Ford Ranger Raptor is a powerful pickup truck that offers an impressive combination of power, capability and versatility. At the heart of the Ranger Raptor is a 2.0-litre bi-turbo petrol engine that delivers a maximum output of 292 hp and 491 Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. The Ranger Raptor also features advanced chassis technology specifically designed for off-road use. It features a unique chassis frame reinforced with high-strength steel and a long-travel suspension system with Fox Racing Shox that delivers exceptional off-road performance. Thanks to a ground clearance of 283 mm and a water permeability of 850 mm, the Ranger Raptor masters even the toughest terrain with ease.
Inside, the Ranger Raptor offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that is both functional and stylish. It has advanced technology and safety features such as the SYNC 3 infotainment system with 8-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system. Other notable features of the Ford Ranger Raptor include a high-strength steel front bumper with LED fog lights, underbody protection plates to protect the underbody and a rear tow hitch for towing up to 3,500kg. The Ranger Raptor is also equipped with a range of driver assistance systems, including Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning. Overall, the Ford Ranger Raptor is a powerful and capable pickup that can handle even the toughest driving conditions. With its advanced technology, exceptional off-road performance and sleek styling, the Ranger Raptor is the ultimate choice for those looking for a powerful vehicle that can take on anything they throw at it.

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PowerControl in the Ford Ranger Raptor

Improve the performance of your Ford Ranger with PowerControl, the ultimate chip tuning solution. Our state-of-the-art technology modifies your pick-up, increasing power by +55 hp and torque by +84 Nm for even more driving pleasure. With PowerControl, experience the full power of your Ford Ranger with a more efficient engine. Our easy-to-install unit is customisable and reliable, keeping your pick-up running at its best. Whether you want a sportier ride or better 0 - 100 km/h acceleration, PowerControl is the perfect solution to safely optimise the performance of your Ford Ranger Raptor. Included with the added performance, and improved fuel economy by up to 15%, PowerControl X includes a 5-year product warranty.

Upgrade your Ford Ranger Raptor and unleash its true potential with PowerControl.

PedalBox Pro in the Ford Ranger Raptor

PedalBox Pro is the state-of-the-art throttle tuning that takes the acceleration of your Ford Ranger Raptor to a new level. By modifying the electronic signals that control the engine's throttle response, PedalBox Pro improves the pick-up's acceleration, making it more responsive and agile. With PedalBox Pro, you can experience smoother acceleration, better throttle response and an improved start. The PedalBox Pro is easy to install in 3 steps and can be adjusted to suit individual driving preferences. This can be done by choosing between Sport Plus, Sport, City and Eco modes. making it a perfect solution for anyone looking to optimise their driving experience. Throttle response controller is the ultimate choice for those who want to enhance the driving experience in their vehicle without compromising on safety or reliability. For those who place particular emphasis on security in their Ford Ranger Raptor, the Pro Feature Immobiliser can effectively protect their pick-up and prevent theft.
Ford Raptor Ranger with chip tuning PowerControl
  • Performance 292 HP (+55 HP)
  • Torque 491 Nm (+84 Nm)
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