Ford Transit - chip tuning for more power

Strength in Ford Transit with chip tuning

In the automobile range of the American manufacturer, the Ford Transit is one of the top performers. With an exterior length of 4.2 metres, the Multivan offers a particularly large amount of space and storage for transport of all kinds and is already powerful on the roads with 176 hp and 240 Nm. Advanced engine optimization gives your For Transit even more pulling power: DTE's auxiliary control units enable higher performance and faster throttle response. With the premium PowerControl X module, the Ford Transit Connect gets an upgrade of +26 hp at +45 Nm for more power even when the car is fully loaded. What's more, the van can save up to 15% fuel with the Efficiency driving mode. The PowerControl X performance upgrade and the PedalBox form the perfect duo here, offering full control over the various performance ranges of your vehicle. Thanks to a smartphone app, you can operate the engine tuning system in a simple manner and adjust it immediately.

Configure your Ford Transit chip tuning now:

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Ford Transit chip tuning: The perfect tuning box for more HP

PowerControl X from DTE optimizes all signals from the engine management and matches the control parameters and direct injection in the best possible way. This not only gives your Ford Transit even more power when driving, but can also save up to 15% fuel. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the important parameters of the performance ranges and adjust them to each other. The chip tuning system can be installed in the engine compartment in no time at all and can be used immediately. PowerControl X from DTE also includes a comprehensive warranty.

PowerControl X – performance in the Ford Transit via smartphone

The PowerControl X tuning box can be controlled simply via your smartphone - from the comfort of your cockpit. With the app from DTE Systems, you retain complete control over the programmes at all times and can adjust them to your personal driving style before every journey. This gives your Ford Transit more tractive power and reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 % when you adjust your driving style. The app is easy to use via the touchscreen: With a swipe across the mobile phone display, you can instantly switch between Sport, Dynamic or Efficiency programmes. You can activate or deactivate the additional power of PowerControl X as required. You can view all of your vehicle's performance data directly via the smartphone app for a safe drive.

PedalBox in the Transit - optimize responsiveness

Perfect start with the Ford Transit even when travelling or on long transport routes: thanks to the PedalBox from DTE Systems. The Ford Transit already works up quite a sweat when starting off on slopes. Packed full for the transport route, the heavy van only struggles up hills and serpentines while snorting. Thanks to the improved throttle response, your Ford Transit never gets out of breath again. Due to the simple Plug&Play system, the PedalBox is connected to the accelerator pedal in just three steps and ready to go. At the same time, the smart accelerator tuning pulls the heavy compact SUV forward with momentum for a dynamic start. To adjust the response to your personal preferences, you can choose between the various Sport, Sport-Plus or City programmes. Using the plus and minus buttons, you can fine-tune the PedalBox even further.

The powerful power duo for the Ford Transit

PowerControl X and the PedalBox combine to form a powerful power duo for even faster acceleration: No long thinking seconds when starting off or intermediate acceleration. The tuning systems provide more power in the lower rev range and improve the reaction time of the accelerator pedal of your Ford Transit. This gives your Ford Transit even more power for transport routes. Configure your tuning system now.
Tuning with quality promise and warranty from the test winner
Tuning with quality promise and guarantee

Operational safety is the top priority for DTE tuning products. With the latest technology of all additional control devices, all protective functions of the motors are retained and the legally prescribed emission values are not affected. To increase performance, all new DTE developments and products are checked using different test vehicles and in accordance with standard test methods on the in-house MAHA dynamometer. DTE Systems also offers a satisfaction guarantee and comprehensive 2 years product warranty which can be increased to an optional 5 years product warranty for all your Ford Transit tuning purchases. Further information on the warranty certificate is enclosed with the product.

The multifunctional Ford Transit commercial vehicle

The new Ford Transit is the perfect place for efficient transport and effective work. Practical design and powerful engines make the Ford Transit the perfect commercial vehicle for all types of work. With its wide engine range, the 7th generation Ford Transit covers diesel engines from 2.2 litres with 100 hp to 3.2 litres with 200 hp. In addition, Ford is also presenting a fuel-saving electric variant with a powerful 269 hp and a range of up to 350 km, which will be available from spring 2022. The platform truck has a length of up to 6.734 metres, a width of 2.126 metres and a height of 2.781 metres, creating enormous space for transport of all kinds with a maximum load volume of 17 m³. With a choice of front, rear or all-wheel drive, the minibus has adapted steering and, with a total weight of up to 5 tonnes, is also ideally suited for motorway and city driving. The Ford Transit can also be customised in terms of bodywork and is available as a panel van passenger car, estate car, panel van truck or double cab truck and also offers the possibility of being used as a means of transport for passengers and families. The interior can therefore be converted to provide loading space for up to 5 Euro pallets, but the load compartment can also be converted with partitions and passenger seats to provide optimum safety and comfort for passenger journeys. Technically, the Ford Transit is equipped with voice control and a touchscreen display, with driver assistance systems such as Blind Spot Assist including Cross Traffic Alert. In addition, an intelligent adaptive cruise control system can help drivers arrive at their destination in a more relaxed and safer manner.

DTE's Ford engine tuning is available for the following models:

Ladění čipu pro FORD B-MAX
Ladění čipu pro FORD KA+
Ladění čipu pro FORD PUMA
Ladění čipu pro FORD FOCUS C-MAX
Ladění čipu pro FORD GRAND C-MAX
Ladění čipu pro FORD GT
Ladění čipu pro FORD F-250 SUPER DUTY
Ladění čipu pro FORD EDGE
Ladění čipu pro FORD FLEX
Ladění čipu pro FORD BRONCO
Ladění čipu pro FORD ECOSPORT
Ladění čipu pro FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY
Ladění čipu pro FORD F-450 SUPER DUTY
Ladění čipu pro FORD EXPEDITION
Ladění čipu pro FORD TAURUS
Ladění čipu pro FORD BRONCO SPORT
Ladění čipu pro FORD EVEREST