Accelerator pedal tuning for the new Audi A4 (B9)

PedalBox Pro for the latest Audi

With a sporty design and a modern look, the PedalBox Pro fits seamlessly into the cockpit of the new Audi A4 (B9). And after a few simple installation steps the PedalBox Pro is ready for use. The PedalBox Pro optimizes the accelerator characteristic of the Audi A4 (B9) and improves the response of the engine significantly. Right from the start, the Audi accelerates free of any delay. The PedalBox Pro provides the necessary performance for a quick start at the traffic lights and a rapid acceleration on the motorway. A pure driving pleasure for every Audi driver.

Configure yourAudi A4 gas pedal tuning:

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PedalBox Pro: Intuitive operation without an acclimatization time

The intuitive operation is one of the major characteristic of the PedalBox Pro. With the program button the driver can select between 4 preset driving modes of the PedalBox Pro: City, Sport, Sport+ and Stock. Using the plus and minus buttons, all programs can be fine-tuned. Multicolor LEDs show the selected program and fine adjustment.

DTE accelerator tuning: the technology

The current models of Audi, such as The Audi A4 (B9) rely on modern SENT technology. Instead of analog transmission, sensor signals are transmitted digitally via SENT interfaces. The PedalBox Pro is ideally equipped for all modern technologies and supports both analogue and digital accelerators. "With the PedalBox Pro, the customer gets the most modern and innovative pedal tuning from DTE Systems", explains head of technology Detlef Strube.

PedalBox for Audi A4PedalBox for Audi A4
Accelerator pedal tuning for Audi A4

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