CLA 45 AMG – Adrenalin kick with more power

More AMG power in the Mercedes with DTE's performance upgrade

"Adrenalin, acceleration and precision", as Mercedes rightly advertise: AMG power is always a feeling of fascinating performance. The AMG CLA-Class is no exception, bringing the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 2.0 turbo petrol engine to an impressive 387 hp and 480 Nm. And its speed is also astonishing: 4.1 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h is something to be proud of. Yet another reason for DTE to get more AMG power out of the coupé with their performance upgrade.

Configure your Mercedes CLA 45 AMG chip tuning:

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Power increase for performance monster - PowerControl RX

To further enhance the feeling of real performance, DTE technology experts have got to work and made the PowerControl RX performance upgrade for the CLA 45 Matic ready to go. The modern chip tuning boosts the Mercedes with more power and increases the driving dynamics for even more AMG power in the Coupé. To achieve this, the system optimises the decisive engine parameters in real time using multi-characteristic map technology. In total, the CLA 45 AMG with PowerControl X produces an incredible 426 hp and 534 Nm, overtaking the more powerful CLA 45 S model, which peaks at 421 hp. Added to this is a faster acceleration of 1.7 seconds between 80 - 160 km/h (test gear 5th), which is immediately noticeable when driving. This turns the powerful CLA Coupé into a real performance monster.

CLA 45 AMG PedalBoxMercedes Benz 45AMG with gas pedal tuning from DTE

Adrenalin kick - faster starting with PedalBox Pro

With DTE accelerator tuning, the CLA 45 AMG becomes even more dynamic at the touch of a button. The PedalBox Pro tuning system elicits the full accelerator potential from the Coupé. The improved throttle response provides that extra fine whiff in the sporty Benz and gives an extra adrenaline kick when pulling away and overtaking. The PedalBox Pro can be adjusted at any time via the control panel or the app control - for individual sportiness at every moment. For all those who want peak performance in the CLA 45: The combination of the premium tuning systems PowerControl RX and PedalBox Pro form the perfect power duo for a unique driving experience.

Chiptuning für den Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

  Performance 426 HP (++54 HP)
  Torque 534 Nm (+91 Nm)
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