Skoda Scala chip tuning gives the gasoline engine new strength

DTE Systems optimizes the Rapid successor

Longer, wider and significantly more striking: The successor to the Rapids is called the Skoda Scala, and all dimensions have been increased considerably. On the same basis as the Polo and A1, the Scala nevertheless clearly outshines both. So far, only the standard performance from the VW shelf is the same. But with the chiptuning products from DTE Systems, the Skoda Scala is now overtaking its brothers in the group. A total of four engine options are available for the Skoda Scala, although the base model with 95 hp in the 1.0 TSI will not appear until later this year. The diesel variant and the three gasoline units are given standard ratings of 115 hp in the 1.6 liter TDI to 150 hp in the 1.5 TSI.

Configure your Skoda Scala chip tuning now:

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Scala and PowerControl: Simple and effective

The PowerControl X engine tuning system is used for enhanced TSI performance in the powerful 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Connected via plug & play to the intake manifold, boost pressure and camshaft, the effect is immediately noticeable after the first start. With an additional output of +29 hp and +58 Nm, the Scala 1.5 TSI now even needs not fear comparison with the Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI. And with PowerControl X, the other standard engines in the new Rapid successor also benefit significantly:

PowerControl for Skoda ScalaPowerControl for Skoda Scala
Skoda Scala PedalBoxSkoda Scala with PedalBox

Modern added performance with real-time experience

On the road, the higher torque and increased agility are particularly noticeable. The new driving characteristics can also be customized. The three programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency are available, which in turn can be fine-tuned via plus and minus buttons. DTE Systems also offers the PowerControl X performance enhancement with app control. This allows all programs to be selected via smartphone, but also innovative real-time functions such as accelerometer, warm-up timer or sports instruments to be tried out. PowerControl X is of course available for the large gasoline engine in the Skoda Scala, including parts certification. As standard, the Skoda Scala 1.5 TSI should manage the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds. For an improvement of the acceleration of up to 10%, DTE Systems has the PedalBox - the accelerator pedal tuning - in its range. Connected to the gas pedal sensors, the improved response and optimized gas pedal reaction is also immediately noticeable here. Likewise, the Scala driver can choose between three driving programs: City, Sport or Sport-Plus, which can also be selected and individualized via a smartphone app.

Chip tuning für den Skoda Scala

  Performance 150 hp (+29 hp)
  Torque 250 Nm (+58 Nm)
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