More power for the Polo crossover - now 1.9 seconds faster in the final sprint

The T-Cross already shows very good performance in the 1.0 TSI variant, but it brings annoying delays when starting and overtaking. DTE Systems fix the problem with their performance upgrade and give the mini SUV more power.

The T-Cross has a proud 110 hp and 240 Nm as a mini-SUV, but start-up and acceleration turn out rather disappointing. The small compact SUV struggles to move forward from a speed of 50 km/h. That's why DTE Systems has developed a custom performance upgrade to help the T-Cross move forward faster. With the top-of-the-line PowerControl X, the small family car pulls away a remarkable 1.9 s faster from 50 to 100 km/h in 5th gear. Added to this is a significant increase in output of +21 hp at +39 Nm. In addition, the T-Cross with the PedalBox reacts significantly faster to incoming signals on the accelerator pedal. This enables fast and safe overtaking and the T-Cross reaches top speed much faster.

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PowerControl X: Faster, more powerful, more fuel-efficient

DTE Systems developers were faced with a new challenge to solve the performance problem of the mini-SUV. To this end, the engine optimization experts made specific adjustments for the T-Cross: With the add-on control unit PowerControl X, crucial engine parameters are optimized in real time using the company's own multi-map technology. This gives the T-Cross significantly more power and speed for smooth overtaking. On the other hand, the top module enables fuel savings of up to 15 % with the appropriate driving style. This results from the fact that PowerControl X increases the available torque and efficiency in the relevant engine speed range. This enables earlier up shifting and consequently more efficient fuel use. When changing vehicles, the vehicle owner can carry out a retrofit to the standard condition himself or at DTE in Recklinghausen.

Turbo start in the T-Cross thanks to the DTE PedalBox

In order to also get to grips with the start-up problems of the T-Cross, DTE Systems has also redeveloped their quality product PedalBox for the mini-SUV in addition to PowerControl X. The PedalBox is the first of its kind on the market. The PedalBox thereby improves the standard pre-programmed gas pedal characteristic of the manufacturer Volkswagen and pulls the T-Cross forward with momentum for a dynamic start. With PedalBox and PowerControl X, DTE thus directly kills two birds with one stone and equips the small family car for a smooth freeway start and dynamic overtaking.

Tuning for T-CrossTuning for T-Cross
T-Cross-PedalBox with appT-Cross-PedalBox with app
Chip tuning for T-Cross

  Performance 110 hp (+21 hp)
  Torque 200 Nm (+39Nm)
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