DTE chiptuning for the new Mercedes-Benz E 220 d (W213)

Pioneering work: DTE Systems optimizes the new SENT engine generation of Mercedes-Benz in the E 220 d

The new tuning box PowerControl SNT delivers more force and acceleration for the latest Mercedes E 220 d: With increased power and torque the new four-cylinder diesel in the W 213 gets the sporting and agile edge. PowerControl SNT is the first chiptuning box for the latest Mercedes E 220 d (OM 654), where Mercedes-Benz makes its debut in the innovative digital engine technology SENT.

DTE chiptuning for the new digital engine technology at Mercedes-Benz

At stock performance, the newly developed 2 litre turbo-diesel engine in the E-class delivers 194 hp and 400 Nm of torque. A new application for DTE to provide a chiptuning solution for better driving dynamics and a great boost in torque. At the same time a challenging task, as with the 10th generation of the E-class Mercedes-Benz introduces its own variant of the modern SENT technology in the star-decorated sedan.

And here Power Control SNT enters the stage: With its Multi-Protocol technology, the DTE chiptuning box is capable of capturing both digital SENT signals as well as analog signals from the ECU. All engine parameters are precisely optimized based on RPM and engine load and passed on to the engine management in real time.

As a result, the Mercedes E 220 d benefits from an increased power of +24 bhp as well as an increase in torque of +49 Nm. As soon as you drive off the W 213 excites with more dynamic traction and significantly enhanced agility.

Testing on the dynamometerTesting on the dynamometer
Passed with flying colorsPassed with flying colors

DTE Systems: the tuning pioneers

Already by end of 2015, DTE Systems made a breakthrough with its innovative Multi-Protocol technology to process and tune digital SENT as well as analog engine signals. DTE optimized, as the first chiptuner worldwide the new Audi RS3 (8VA) and set a new tuning milestone.DTE Systems now lives up to its reputation as a pioneer again by introducing the new chiptuning box PowerControl SNT for the OM 654 aggregate in the E 220 d. For the first time, also Mercedes-Benz vehicles with SENT technology benefit from a DTE chiptuning.

PowerControl SNT for vehicles with SENT technologyPowerControl SNT for vehicles with SENT technology
Fits perfectly: Accelerator-tuning with PedalBoxFits perfectly: Accelerator-tuning with PedalBox

PedalBox makes the perfect match

With the PedalBox the characteristics of the accelerator pedal can be easily fine-tuned. The DTE accelerator-tuning gives the sedan cruiser from Stuttgart a serious sporting prowess. With the pre-set programs Sport and Sport+ the Mercedes E 220 responds with greater direction to the driver's commands on the throttle. In City mode the sedan flows gently with the traffic. The original PedalBox from DTE is pure driving pleasure at the push of a button and is a perfect match with PowerControl.

Chiptuning for Mercedes-Benz im E 220 d (W213)

  More power: 218 hp (+24 hp)
  More torque: 449 Nm (+49 Nm)


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