Stronger through the terrain - Land Rover Defender

Defender with more power due to chip tuning PowerControl

The Land Rover Defender is designed for durability, endurance and all environments. The off-roader already has an expressive performance with 249 hp and 570 Nm. The Land Rover Defender gets from 0 - 100 km/h in 8.0 seconds. To give the off-roader its maximum strength, the DTE developers have developed the PowerControl performance upgrade and the PedalBox accelerator tuning for the Land Rover Defender.

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Fast and strong with PowerControl

The Land Rover can already be seen as standard, PowerControl thereby also tickles the remaining performance potential out of the off-road vehicle and turns it into a high-performance powerhouse. The DTE PowerControl Land Rover tuning gives the Defender performance model an impressive increase of +30 hp more power and +50 Nm more torque. At the same time, the dynamics and speed of the Land Rover Defender also increase slightly by 0.4 s between 50 - 100 km/h (4th test gear). The improved driving dynamics and powerful performance are immediately noticeable and ideal for quick overtaking and a strong performance on any terrain.

Better acceleration in the Defender

With PedalBox Pro connected to the accelerator pedal, response can be instantly improved. There are four programmes available to the Land Rover Defender driver: City, Sport, Sport-Plus and Standard. With just the push of a button, the off-roader gets even more traction. The accelerator tuning is also available via smartphone control: with the appropriate PedalBox app, the tuning box can be easily switched on or off via smartphone. In addition, all individual settings for the Land Rover Defender can be saved in the smartphone app. This means that the PedalBox Pro always starts with the settings that suit the off-road vehicle.

PowerControl X: Engine tuning for the Land Rover DefenderPowerControl X: Chip tuning for the Land Rover Defender
Tuning box PedalBox in the Land Rover DefenderPedalBox in the Land Rover Defender
Chip tuning for the Land Rover Defender

  Performance 249 HP (+30 HP)
  Torque 570 Nm (+50 Nm)
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