DTE PedalBox

Dynamic. Responsive. Adjustable - the new PedalBox 3S.

In order to improve the responsiveness in modern motor vehicles, DTE developed the PedalBox, a plug & play-device that is simply connected to the electronics of the gas pedal. 

NEW: The PedalBox 3S

The PedalBox comes with three different settings called "SPORT", "SPORT Plus" and "CITY" mode. All programs provide the driver with the opportunity to adjust the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal as needed and adapt to the respective traffic situation.

Seven more power levels within each of the above described settings enable the driver to individually adjust the responsiveness of the gas pedal, leaving no wish unfulfilled!

 More Dynamic

Modifying the values set by the manufacturer has its advantages because quicker acceleration without any delay gives drivers the feeling of being in better control of their vehicle and driving more dynamically.

 Higher Responsiveness

These well-known moments of delayed throttle response are a thing of the past. The signal is immediately followed by the response, giving the driver the feeling that he or she is accelerating faster. However, the torque remains the same.

 Adjustable Driving Fun

In addition to the standard programs, the PedalBox now allows customized programming, too. Together with the experts at DTE Systems, you can now have performance programs tailored precisely to your needs. Once responsiveness has improved, driving is a lot more fun.

How does the PedalBox work?

Most vehicles are equipped with a "Drive-by-Wire" system. Acceleration is achieved by – and many people don’t know this – an electronic signal, instead of the familiar Bowden cable. This system is called ECT or ECM.

Usually, these systems suffer from a strong signal delay, which the PedalBox can compensate. For the vehicle that means: full potential is immediately available.
What can the PedalBox do anyway?

The "Throttle Response" curve shows the speed at which an engine responds to the driver's pressing of the accelerator. Deficiencies are evident here, especially at times of strong acceleration.

Clearly visible in the chart:
Already in the City mode (green), the response of the vehicle is significantly improved.

By switching the PedalBox program to the other programs available: Sport (Orange) and Sport Plus (Red), the driver can adjust the responsiveness even to a greater extent.

The blue curve describes the serial responsiveness programmed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Here, the PedalBox is turned off, the vehicle is in serial-mode.




Small Box - Big Impact

The PedalBox is now even smaller, more manageable, more effective and even more flexible in its programming.

PedalBox: The Original from DTE
  • Simply faster acceleration
  • Handling is simple and intuitive
  • With a few simple steps installation succeeds in no time
With only one click to your own PedalBox!

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