DTE Sensor-Tuning

The best conditions for highest performance

Perfectly matched to your vehicle DTE uses the latest technology to improve performance. The result is an impressive improvement in performance. In order to permanently, noticeably and sturdily improve the performance of your vehicle over the entire speed range DTE’s tuning specialists use various connectors and engine management sensors.

DTE Sensor-Tuning with PowerControl

 The tuning is immediately active and noticeable ✓
The engine is powerful and responsiv ✓
› Power delivery in every speed range ✓
Perfectly matched to each vehicle ✓
Keypad with different output levels ✓
› Easy to install with a simple plug-in method ✓

PowerControl is is precisely installed in the engine compartement and connected to central sensors: including intake manifold pressure sensor or boost pressure sensor and camshaft position sensor and the sensors for fuel injection. In real time, the incoming signals are processed, optimized and transmitted to the additional control unit.

Innovative: PowerControl SNT

For all vehicle engines with modern SENT technology

DTE Sensor-TuningOptimized Performance with DTE
DTE Sensor-TuningTuning on the dynamometer
DTE Sensor-TuningSimple Installation

The special feature of Power Control SNT: The DTE performance improvement records and optimizes digital SENT signals and at the same time captures important analog signals of the engine management system. This newly developed multi-protocol technology in Power Control SNT combines analog and digital motor control technologies. PowerControl SNT is a real milestone in the chiptuning and an absolute world premiere at DTE.

DTE Sensor-Tuning with PowerControl

Benefit from a DTE sensor tuning for your car. Select a suitable DTE tuning in our configurator!

  • Perfectly matched performance optimization
  • Maximum reliability and security with the latest DTE Technology
  • 2 year warranty on the engine, engine management and transmission
  • Part certificate for more than 3.300 vehicles available
  • Simple installation with detailed instructions
  • money-back guarantee within 30 days of receipt of the goods