DTE Tuning-Technology

Definitely more performance

PowerControl is connected to the central sensors of the engine management. That’s how the incoming signals are captured, optimized and dynamically passed to the control unit. All control parameters are precisely tuned in every power range. Doing so, DTE uses the latest tuning technology.

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BMW M 235i: ChiptuningPrecise tuning of individual vehicles
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Maps for each power stage.

DTE developed a multi-map technology that can optimize up to five channels in real time – whether common rail or boost pressure, turbo pressure, intake manifold pressure or air mass – With PowerControl technologically demanding engines of the latest generation can perfectly be controlled within the multi-dimensional multi-map using all relevant engine parameters. Dependable in up to three programs Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency * selectable by the driver.

Diesel particulate filter compatible

Clean Power.

Another adantage of the Multi-Map-Technology is the comformity with the compliance with legal and for the vehicle predetermined emission values. The fuel is 100% efficiently exploited by the optimized combustion in all performance areas. Consequently, PowerControl can also be used without restriction for vehicles with a diesel particulate filter. The compliance with the emission values is confirmed by the vehicle-specific parts certification.

Adaptive Sensor System

Intelligent performance increase on driver's command.

The Adaptive sensor system detects the respective load state of the engine and therefore will provide the extra power on the basis of all relevant engine data. Should the driver demand more power, for example when overtaking, the tuning automatically switches on. If additional power is not retrieved, the tuning reduces gradually. Any adaptation of the original engine control is in perfect sync and dynamic. And not just on the basis of the load state also dependable on the speed, for best performance yield. More power when needed and less fuel consumption, if possible - that is adaptive tuning with DTE technology.


Adjusts automatically to driving behavior.

With this innovation, the systems of DTE are able to learn the unique characteristics of your vehicle. The memory function records the individual data of the different injection cycles during a short break-in period. The information obtained form the basis for optimization. Serial tolerances can be balanced and an optimal result achieved – without complicated manual settings.

Engine Protect+

More protection and added security for your car.

Under Engine Protect+ DTE introduces a whole range of new security standards. These standards have the important task to continuously monitor the signals from the engine management and protect the connected sensors and the engine control against overload. Air and fuel mixture remain in the physically efficient areas. The protective functions of the engine and the legally predetermined emission values retain unaffected.


A milestone in chiptuning.

The innovative Multi-Protocol-Technology within PowerControl SNT combines analog and digital motor control technologies. The DTE performance tuning detects and optimizes digital SENT signals and in parallel important analog signals of the engine management system. PowerControl SNT is the performance tuning for all new generation vehicles with digital SENT technology.