New performance package from DTE Systems for the Audi SQ7

Get the full sport car experience with the engine tuning for the Audi SQ7 from DTE Systems

The Audi SQ7 is the latest generation of an eight-cylinder “self-igniter”. The 4-liter V8 TDI engine is the next evolutionary step in sporty diesel technology and the strongest diesel SUV in the world. In addition with the chip tuning box PowerControl and the standard all-wheel drive, DTE Systems turns the Quattro into a fascinating sports SUV.

Performance upgrade for the Audi SQ7

The Audi SQ7 TDI is currently the strongest and fastest diesel SUV. With the performance pack from DTE Systems, the SQ7 extends its overall lead: +60 hp and +102 Nm of torque increase the distance to the competition, such as the Porsche Cayenne Diesel or the BMW X6 M50d. Both competitors have more than 100 hp lack in engine power.

The powerful DTE tuning box is connected to all central sensors and installed tailor-made in the engine compartment. In real-time the incoming signals are processed, optimized and passed on to the ECU. The chip tuning box puts out an impressive performance in the Audi SQ7. In only a few seconds, the needle of the speedometer hurries towards 60 mph and beyond.

More power for the Audi SQ7
Audi SQ7: Tuning from DTE
State of the art tuning from DTE

Audi SQ7: tuning for a strong diesel

With the latest tuning technology of DTE’s tuning box, all protection functions of modern TDI-engines are maintained and the diesel emission values remain unaffected. Due to the optimized combustion across all performance ranges the fuel is used 100% efficiently. This means that the DTE tuning modules can also be used without restrictions for vehicles with a diesel particulate filter.

Accelerator pedal tuning for the Audi SQ7

With the PedalBox, the SQ7 reacts more directly every time the driver steps on the gas pedal. Once the right foot hits the ground, the Audi is pushed forward with a proper thrust. The PedalBox can be quickly connected to the accelerator pedal electronics. The tuning module than compensates weak spots that the heavy Audi has during accelerates.

The direct throttle response throughout the speed range ensures an exceptional power output and unbeatable driving pleasure. Using the control buttons of the PedalBox, the gas intake of the Audi can be adjusted comfortably and individually.

DTE PedalBox for Audi SQ7DTE PedalBox for Audi SQ7
DTE PedalBox for Audi SQ7DTE PedalBox for Audi SQ7

For a maximum driving experience, DTE Systems offers the perfect performance package for the Audi SQ7 with the chip tuning box PowerControl (999 €) and the accelerator pedal tuning PedalBox (229 €).


All the advantages of DTE tuning products

  • Enhanced performance perfectly matched to the vehicle
  • Ideal combination of performance and driving dynamics with maximum reliability
  • All protective functions of the main engine control unit remain unaffected
  • All emission values for the vehicle are maintained
  • Easy plug-in installation of all tuning modules
  • All cables and connectors are supplied in OEM quality