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Performance Tuning for Claas Arion 530

When choosing an agricultural machine, power is what matters and powerful solutions are foremost in the mind. Today, many farmers are now focusing very much on efficiency, to balance between performance and output. DTE offers you both. In direct comparison to the standard Claas, DTE was able to improve the serial torque of 670 Nm (+130 Nm). In addition, the factory horsepower output of 163 HP was increased by DTE to a rich extra +33 HP.

Claas Arion 530DTE Systems on site
Claas Arion 530Performance Measurements
Iveco Stralis 460Mobile dynamometer from DTE

A key competitive advantage

To boost your productivity you need a tractor that suits your needs. And DTE gives you the power to meet everyday demands efficiently and effectively. Designed specifically for the agricultural sector, the new DTE PowerControl tuning is the ideal propulsion unit for your tractor.

DTE turns the Claas into a power tractor ensuring high daily production and optimum results at best economic fuel consumption rates. With an extra plus of horsepower, your tractor is becoming an important ingredient in achieving profitability.

Tractor-Tuning: The Before-After-Effect

DTE PowerControl is specially designed to reduce working time considerably and therefore improve ploughed hectar consumption noticeably and of course the tractor unit output.

The team at DTE Systems adjusts the optimal performance of your tractors to ensure the best output and highest productivity. With our mobile dyno, DTE matches your tractor perfectly to the new Chiptuning and delivers generous power and torque that remain constant across a wide range of engine speeds.

For Tractors: PowerControl PDX

With a DTE Chiptuning you get a high motorized tractor with the extra power in reserve. According to tractor and motorization, a professional Chiptuning with a DTE PowerControl can obtain up to 25 percent more power.

    Up to 25% more power and torque plus an optimized fuel consumption
    Maximum performance for a everyday practicality and durability of your engine
    More return with less use 

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